Riley is 2!!

I sat my alarm for 6 a.m. Saturday morning.  Yes, you read that right.  SATURDAY.  But this was no ordinary Saturday morning.  It was the second birthday of our Riley Faye!

Two years ago I was up at 6 a.m. on Jan 6, but not in order to make cupcakes and hang pink streamers.  Oh no, it was labor time.  And 4 minutes after 6 a.m. our girl made her grand 10 lb 12 ounce arrival.

Riley entered the world full force and hasn’t slowed down since.

Her sweet smile and gentle voice can be deceiving.  This girl carries with her a spunk in life.  She loves to waller with her brother and growl like an animal.  She runs laps around the house and squeals at the top of her lungs.

She doesn’t take too kindly to being left in the church nursery.  She’d prefer to always be with family.  That’s her happy place.

She has started sleeping in her big girl bed and only fallen out once.  (oops!)

She loves all foods!  We are convinced if we didn’t “stop” her she could eat all day.

She loves her babies and her new kitchen set from Christmas.  So her rough housing days are well balanced with nurturing ones as well.

To celebrate yesterday we began with cinnamon rolls and Happy Birthdays!


Then it was off to Monkey Joe’s, a house of inflatables!


It took a bit of warming up to enjoy it.  But our little Monkey’s had a great time running and playing.


We came home to “nap”.  But some strong willed 2 year  old decided she’d sleep for 45 minutes.  Which led to an afternoon of fussies while trying to facetime with family members calling to celebrate our girl.  You know that’s always fun.

But her day of celebrating ended with presents!  Where she was given food to go into her new kitchen!  Speaking this girls language!


Riley, we love you!  Keep BEING YOU.  You keep us on our toes and stretch us in ways we never saw coming.  You are going to do big things and we are going to cheer you on all the way!


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Stop Saying “I Will…”

I recently heard a story that went something like this…

“There were five seagulls sitting on the seashore.  One seagull said he was going to fly away.  What’s the difference between that seagull and the other four?  Nothing unless he actually does it.”

Have you started this new year with new goals?  What is it going to take for you to move past the point of saying what you plan to do and actually doing it?

It’s only Jan. 3, not too late to make a plan you will actually follow!  Here’s where my heart has been recently…

Starting Jan. 15th the company I work with is releasing a brand new program, 80 Day Obsession.

Here’s a video to check it out…80 Day Obsession

When I was first learned of this program I was hesitant because of the title.

“Obsessed?”  I don’t want to be obsessed with fitness.  It’s a great tool and the Lord is teaching me SO.MUCH. through it, but it is not the end all be all.  But as I have heard more from Autumn (the creator of this program) and the other ladies who will be participating I have gotten super excited!

You see, the goal is not to be obsessed with working out or being a size two.  But instead to push you to DO.SOMETHING.  Challenge your limits.  See that you can be stronger than you thought.

There is so much value in making a plan and sticking to it!  That alone is a game changer.


I said adios to gym memberships a year ago and haven’t missed them!  I’ve saved time and money and quite literally brought the community and encouragement into my home.


Not to mention Trey and I love doing these workouts together!  He wouldn’t be caught dead next to me in a Zumba class.  So having the comforts of our home to encourage one another and make time for something we both love is amazing!


Over the last few days I have talked with several people who have signed up to join me and our team for the next 80 days.  I kid you not when I say EVERY.TIME. someone decides to sign up and start this journey I feel like a kid who just learned their best friend can come to their birthday party!

Consider this your warning, starting Jan. 15 I will be recording my journey for the next 80 days.  Please don’t find yourself reading my posts and feeling left out, for lack of any other way to say it, are you going to come to the party?!

Will you lose weight? YES!

Will you gain muscle? Yes!

Will it be hard on days? YES!

Will you regret it if you don’t join? YES!

In the words of Autumn, “Stop saying I will, and start saying I AM…”


I am doing 80 Day Obsession with an awesome group of friends starting Jan. 15, are you?!


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Christmas Re-Cap

It’s the day after Christmas…my kiddos are napping and I am plain ol’ beat.

I heard a morning talk show host ask her co-host how they were feeling the day after Christmas and she responded, “relieved.” Am I allowed to confess here that I understood what she was saying?

Don’t get me wrong, we have had and will continue to have, a FABULOUS Christmas holiday.  But something about seeing the long list of to-do’s come to a close is well…relieving.

I’ve baked, I’ve shopped, I’ve cleaned, I’ve traveled…uh oh…am I starting to sound like the little red hen?  We’ve all worked hard this season, so as we take a day or two to catch our breaths before a final Christmas celebration in KY this weekend it only felt right to catch up on some photos and happenings here this afternoon.

Just two days after Colby’s birthday we loaded up and hit the road to spend the week in Mississippi and Louisiana visiting family.  I was pretty apprehensive about the entire thing.  Road trips with kids as well as unfamiliar sleeping quarters can be…eventful.

But with all hands on board we managed to have a more than wonderful trip!

There were surprise visits with Santa!


Keeping totally honest here, I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the man in the red suite.  Telling my 4 year old that a man is going to come into our home while we are asleep and that’s okay just seems a bit off to me.  But I certainly don’t want to have my child be the one who tells all the other’s Santa isn’t real…who knows???

Here’s the part where I welcome any feedback on how you do “Santa” in your home.  Maybe we should discuss this in the Spring??

Our kiddos LOVED all the attention they received from family over the week.  The comment, “It’s a good thing we don’t live closer or these kids would be spoiled…” was said on MULTIPLE occasions and it could not have been more true!!






It’s safe to say the Salter men were in their happy place at the family farm!


There were daily, sometimes hourly, motorcycle rides through the fields.


Hay rides galore…



And a whole lot of eating in between!

We even made it into the city one night for some Christmas lights by the river!!


It was the closest our family has come to “camping” as we all stayed together in a bunk house attached to the farm.  I might not have slept through the night while we were gone due to 4 year olds needing to potty or trying to keep a little sister quiet as she’d stir in the middle of the night, but by the last night we were all still smiling!  I definitely consider that a win.


And we made it home just in time to celebrate Christmas day in our own beds…I mean house!


“O Come let us adore Him Christ the Lord…”

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Colby Turns 4!!!

From December 13th to January 6th we are CELEBRATING BIRTHDAYS!  Streamers, wrapping paper, and sweat treats are a staple during this “wonderful time of the year.”  We kicked off this month of celebrating with Colby’s 4th birthday yesterday!

I had gone back and forth on having his first “friends” birthday party or if we wanted to keep it small.  With upcoming travel and busy schedules we decided to keep it on the actual day and forego a friend party.  I’m glad I did because last Saturday, when we would’ve had a party, there was 10 inches of snow!  Needless to say, God knew and I’m so glad He spared us from a disappointed 4 year old!  So yesterday was THE DAY!

Colby was greeted by a face full of streamers hanging from his door.  This has become a tradition for Birthdays around our house and we love it!  Daddy was working from home so he was able to whip up a tasty birthday breakfast before it was time to head out the door to pre-school.


Colby shares a birthday with a sweet friend in his class so us momma’s coordinated and were able to treat the class to cupcakes and fruit!  And even share a Christmas story with them.  He loves his pre-school buddies!  It’s so fun to see him coming into his element…as goofy as that element may be…


We left school early for a surprise lunch with Yaya & Dad at Wendy’s.  But the lunch went super quick once he found out what was next…

His big birthday surprise, an afternoon of horse riding!!

One of our students from church has a horse and is awesome with kids!  I asked her a few weeks back if Colby could come ride her horse for a birthday surprise, but let me say, Ms. Emily went above and beyond!

Colby was put to work getting Bruce ready to go ride.


And when it was time to saddle up, Ms. Emily let him ride…


Talk about one EXCITED 4 year old!!

By the end of the ride Colby was hooked.  He was all about giving some love to sweet Bruce.


After all his “hard work” Ms. Emily even had a horse shaped chocolate chip cookie waiting for him! (Y’all, does it get any more sweet?!)


We left the farm with a boy, I mean horse, on cloud 9.  He asked me to call him “Bruce” for the remainder of the afternoon and he affectionately referred to his bedroom as his stall.

Even after all that play good ol’ Bruce, I mean Colby, whoever he is, didn’t nap long.  It was time for dinner and presents!  I love when Colby plans a meal.  His request, pizza!  And not the “healthy kind” that momma makes but the “pizza pizza” kind from Little Cesars!  So Yaya & Pops picked up dinner and it was celebrating and crazy for the remainder of the night!


His gifts ranged from EVERYTHING P.J. Masks! (Thank you Mimi & Poppi!)



Camo and Cowboy boots! (Thank you Yaya & Pops!)

It is SO FUN to see a kid so full of life and so quirky.  He definitely knows what he likes, no questions asked.


And the night concluded with our second tradition…the annual Birthday night questions!  Here’s what this big 4 year old had to say:

Colby, we love getting to celebrate you!  Keep being awesome.

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More to the Story Monday…Christmas Edition

Last week was FULL of festive activities in our home!  Our kiddos are at a sweet sweet age of excitement and imagination!  It truly is a wonderful time of year.  But with every picture you know…there is more to the story!

Not every kid can say that Santa lives down the road from their house.  We can!  A family in our community runs a Santa house for the month of December.  It’s totally FREE and totally worth it.  A large drive in style movie screen is set up in the field while waiting to see Santa.  There is face painting.  A live nativity.  Surprise visits from Mickey & Minnie.  Hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows!


This was our second time to visit the Santa house and I’m definitely thinking we can now call it a tradition.


Riley was not so sure this year.  While she enjoyed all the activities leading up to meeting Santa…the white bearded man was NOT something she appreciated.

Hints why only Colby got his picture with Santa…


We also learned it may be a few more years until we try to go and see the Mouse.


After meeting Santa, why not have pajama day at school???  Wearing the same shirt you wore to meet Santa.  My boy knows what he wants to wear and when.  Even if it still had a hot chocolate stain or two from the night before…

What better way to get in the Christmas spirit than SNOW!  In Georgia, in December!!!


This was no “light dusting” it was 10 inches!!

Colby ran into Riley’s room Friday morning and said “Happy Christmas!!” and I found the blinds looking like this…


This boy LOVES the snow.  I kid you not when I say he asked to go outside 1,000 times before 9 a.m. Friday!



But of course, when one loves it the other not so much…


Why not close off a snowy weekend with a Christmas play???


We knew it would be a stretch to take two littles to a play but we did surprisingly well.  Riley made it through half of the play…with gold fish and a lot of squirming.  Then she spent some quality father daughter time riding the escalators and roaming the halls for the second half.

Colby made it through the entire play!  Not without his fair share of “Can we go home now…” and other sweet things little boys say.  But, we made it!

‘Tis the season of memory making and holiday cheer.  But always remember, to every “perfect picture” is an even better story!

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