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Great Expectations

Throughout the past 6 weeks, I had been eagerly looking forward to Friday, July 26th.  This was to be the day of our 3rd doctors appointment.  We would have an ultrasound and get to see how much our little one had grown.  We would listen to the heartbeat and know the journey was going well.  We would then mark our calendar and begin the countdown again, until the next appointment arrives.  Yesterday, July 26th did not go as we had expected.

We arrived at the Dr.’s office only to be informed by the cleaning help that the Dr. was not in the office.  What was he talking about?  Of course the Dr. is in, we have an appointment that was scheduled weeks ago and is only minutes away.  Where is the Dr.?

After a few phone calls and some minutes of clarification we were informed our appointment was supposed to be rescheduled, yet we were never contacted by the secretary.  The result?  An emotional pregnant momma, in tears, sweating in the Haitian sun at the reality that there would be no Dr. visit today.  A high expectation, greeted with a tidal wave of disappointment.

We love our doctor, and are pleased with the help we are receiving, and we will be returning Wednesday afternoon for our appointment.  While we are thankful for such a quick rescheduling, I cannot sit here and say I was the happiest of campers yesterday morning.

I am quickly learning, when a stinky situation occurs, and my stinky attitude follows, a teaching moment arises between my Lord and I.  Here’s what’s up:

Our daily life is FULL of expectations.  Expectations over tasks we will accomplish, people we will see, and events that will occur.  When my expectations are met, I am content.  When my expectations are not met, I am disappointed.  Disappointed or not, my reaction to each circumstance should be controlled by truth and not emotion.  Which, I must admit is incredibly difficult in my current season (pregnancy that is).  Yesterday, a simple truth came to my heart immediately when I realized our appointment was not going to take place…

We WILL be let down in this world.  Do not get me wrong, a cancelled Doctors appointment is a very SMALL let down, but nevertheless, a time to learn.  As I sat in the car while we left the Dr.’s office my mind raced with questions:

How am I supposed to respond in this situation?  Why did I allow myself to set such a high expectation on this appointment and now leave so disappointed?  I cannot believe I’ve done it again, I have allowed my expectations to run away with me and now I cannot get past the let down!

A few hours later, after a few errands, Trey and I sat down to lunch and took a minute to recap the events from the failed visit.  (Conversations always work best for us when food is on the table).  It was then, we began to discuss “expectations.”  The good, the bad, and the ugly they bring into ones life.  The result?  Expectations are not bad!  However, the difficulty is keeping our expectations in balance and focused on the truth.


Romans 8:19 tells us that creation groans with eager expectation to see the work of God fulfilled.  In 1 Peter 1 we see the testing and trials that come in this world are but for a little while.  My daily expectations will at times bring extreme happiness, and at times disappointment.  The Lord allows us to have expectations.  Along with every aspect of our lives, He desires that we use these expectations to bring Him glory.  May every expectation point us towards the GREATEST EXPECTATION we can have as believers…

Our Lord will return and call His children to Himself.  This has been GREATLY EXPECTED for generations and generations, those who expect and wait for this will NOT be disappointed.

I realize I need to work on controlling my expectations when it comes to daily circumstances and events of the world.  But when it comes to expectations of the work of my Savior, may my mind race with eager expectation.  May I desire, long for, and anticipate His work with the greatest of expectations and know there will be no disappointment.

Praise you Father!  May you take every expectation, good or bad, and remind us we are your Children.  Children of the King.  May YOU be our GREATEST expectation, we trust your Word and know we will not be disappointed!



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  1. Chelsea,

    Love your new blog! Your mom and I are doing a new book/ Bible study, “As Silver Refined, Answers to Life’s Disappoinments” . It so goes along with what The Lord was teaching you with this disappointment.
    Disappointment = His appointment !

    Can’t wait to hear about your appointment today!
    Can’t wait to see you !
    Praying faithfully for you, Trey and baby Salter!

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