Baby Time!

We are having a BOY!!!!  In just a matter of months Little Man Salter is going to make his grand appearance and life as we know it will never be the same…

We are so EXCITED!

I will confess, I have never pictured myself as a “boy” mom.  But, as I watch our little man’s daddy and grow more in love with him everyday, my heart fills with unbelievable joy to think about the gift of raising our little guy to be just like his daddy!

My love of pig tails and ballet skirts will be put on hold as I enter into a whole new world of mud puddles and dump trucks, a world I cannot wait to be a part of!  I find myself noticing little boys everywhere these days.  I watch them play with their friends, I admire their cute little khaki pants, and my heart melts when I see them walk hand in hand with their momma’s.

Oh snap, we are having a BOY!

Trey and I are huge country music fans.  I’ll never forget riding in his jeep one afternoon when the song “Watching You,” by Rodney Atkins came on the radio.  He immediately turned it up and said, “This is one of my favorite songs!”  As the song played I listened to Trey sing along word for word and it was then, deep down inside I wondered if one day the Lord would give us a little boy…

“We Love fixing things and holding momma’s hand, we’re just alike hey aren’t we dad?  I wanna do, everything you do…cause I’ve been watching you…”


Listen to the song here:  Watching You…

Here’s to the beginning of a whole new adventure.  Momma’s of boys, any advice for this first timer?


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