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Five Minute Friday- WORLD

Five Minute Friday- Linking up with my sisters hosted by Kate Motaung.  A time to let go of edits and specifics and let the words flow.  Each Friday a new writing prompt is given and the timer is set.  Ready…


It has been exactly 6 months since we left our home in the mountains of Haiti and returned to the U.S.  While I know beyond a doubt this move was made in obedience to the next step the Lord had for our family, the decision to go was not easy.  One of the things that made it most sad to leave was thinking about the world I would be raising my child in.

I was excited to have my son grow up in a world far different than what his mom and dad experienced.  I wanted him to learn multiple languages in order to play with his friends on the playground.  I wanted him to see from a very young age that the world is a big place and God is doing big things!  I wanted him to simply see in his surroundings that while people may grow up in different places, we all share the same basic needs.

I believe this would have been an “easier” process in a life overseas.  As we returned to the U.S. my heart has been challenged to teach my son about the world.

We have been blessed to be friends with many missionaries serving around the world, I want my Colby to know about these missionaries.

We work with a ministry that is currently calling out young people to accept the call to PROCLAIM the Gospel both at home and around the world.

We have hung a map of the world behind our couch, and above it reads…”UNTIL THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS…”

This world we are called to go into as believers, it’s a big deal.

And perhaps if I’m completely honest, I know how easy it is for me to forget about the world in the day to day.   I think the Lord knew this about me.  Maybe that is why he has blessed us with a son who we delivered in another part of the world. 

May we earnestly seek the Lord and follow His call to make Him known throughout the world.


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  1. Love you & your Family ! I can’t think of anything to add to what you have so beautifully written. May we all keep the Great Commission in our hearts. Mommaw Peggy

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