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Through the Years

Growing up a “church kid,” I could not wait to be in the 7th grade so I could be a part of the youth group.  I dreamed of summer camp, mission trips, Wednesday night youth group meetings, lock-ins…you name it.  Quite a few years later, I am pleased to say, those youth group days did not disappoint.  I have been reminded what a gift those precious days were this week.

I was reunited this week with a woman who had such a huge impact on my life in my awkward middle school girl days and formative high school years.  My dear sweet youth pastors wife, Wini, is a mentor, an encourager, a mommy hero, and a dear friend to me.  She is one person who probably has more dirt on me than I would care to imagine, yet loves me the same.

Our reunion this week, after years (I will NEVER go this long again without seeing her) of being apart was a precious reminder of the love of the Lord for His daughters.

We quite literally picked up as though I had seen her last week at church.

We talked 1,000 miles a minute, we both love words.  We “solved” each others problems, laughed and cried.


Our relationship is a gift, no question.  We have journeyed through quite a few seasons together and I pray this is only the beginning.

This sweet sister has loved me and encouraged me.  She has taught me so much, sometimes through words and others through actions.  She has inspired me to love others unconditionally and chase hard after my Lord.

Do you have a “Wini” in your life?  Say a prayer for them tonight, thank God for the gift of their relationship.   Send them a note of encouragement soon or give them a call…it will be a treat for both of you.

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  1. Wonderful that you & Wini got together. I am looking forward to the September retreat when I can be with both of you. Wini is such a role model for young women. We love her. Mommaw Peggy p.s. hope you are feeling well.

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