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Women’s Weekend

Y’all, can I just say, there are few things better than 10,000 women gathered together under one roof singing praises to our King and diving into His Word.  As I write this, my mind is spinning and my heart is full.  I have just returned from my very first Living Proof Live event.  An event that I have looked forward to since my mom gave me a ticket last Christmas.  And tonight, as I sit here reunited with my boys, I am thankful.

Over the past few years I have completed several Bible studies written by Beth Moore.  I have listened to her podcasts, read her books, and followed her blog.  Coming from a season where “women’s events” were few and far between, I have been thirsty for some sweet sister fellowship.  So last night, as I stood in a stadium filled with thousands of women I could not contain my smile.  When Beth stepped on stage tears filled my eyes.

They were not tears of a “fan” who wanted an autograph from some celebrity.  No, they were tears of joy to be “face to face” with a woman who, through written word, has played a huge part in my life over the past few years.  She has led me through difficult passages of Scripture, opened my heart to the joy of being in God’s word, and brought comfort to my heart many days as I have read page after page of her writing.  I wanted to shout, “Hey Beth!  Thank you for all you do!”

I wanted to give her a hug and tell her to keep on keeping on.  The Lord has used her mightily and is continuing to do so.  I wish I could tell you EVERYTHING that took place this weekend.  I want to introduce you to some new songs.  I want to talk with you about some many truths the Lord brought to my mind through our study of 2 Kings.  I want to show you my notebook where I took notes in our sessions and tell you each thing that stood out to me and how I pray the Lord continues to change my heart.  But, I realize that would be a very difficult task.

I would share too much, talk too fast, and make a whole lot of not too much sense.  So let me do this.  Let me encourage you.

Perhaps you are like me and thirsty.  Thirsty for a change.  Thirsty for fellowship, community, solid time in the Word of God.  Can I encourage you to check out some of the resources and studies Beth Moore has to offer?

Not just because I think she is pretty awesome, but because without ever having met her, she has become my sister.  She is a teacher I am beyond thankful for.  Her transparency coupled with an incredible knowledge of the Scriptures is a constant encouragement.  You can find several of her materials and those of other faithful Women of the Word here:

LifeWay Women’s Bible Studies

Also, I know several of you were actually in Cincinnati this weekend for the conference too.  I would love to hear from you!  Would you be willing to share a thing or two the Lord taught you as we studied together this weekend?  You can write it here on this blog or in the comments section of the Facebook post.  I’d love to hear a bit from you!

And what’s a weekend recap without a few snapshots:


Mom and I saving seats for our friends and posing for the camera as we waited for the conference to begin.


Hey Beth!  Thank you for speaking the truth!


And of course, what’s a weekend away without amazing food?  (Okay, so this was my mom’s plate, but isn’t it pretty!  Y’all know there is too much green on there for me, I was waiting for the cheesecake.)

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  1. Glad you had this awesome experience. Thanks for your blog. It made me feel like I was there also. Aunt Susan appreciated you & your Mom saving seats for she & her friend Rachel. Love you, Mommaw Peggy

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