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All About that Bump…


How far along am I on this pregnancy journey?  Thanks for asking.  I am 14 weeks today!  Sunday is the day I use to keep track of my weekly progress for little one.  On Sunday afternoons I open up the book “Expecting” and read about babies development, mommies development, and take some time to pray/journal about this miracle of a journey.


I worked through the book while pregnant with Colby and I am loving going through it again.  I highly recommend it for first time moms or 5th time moms.  Some of my prayers and responses to the questions found in each week are similar with this little one and others are drastically different.  The thrill of pregnancy is high as we walk through it a second time.

I realize I have not blogged much about baby #2.  Mainly because I have just finished the first trimester where I have struggled to have any form of a complete thought (a.k.a. pregnancy brain).  And, any “free time” to write is primarily controlled by the little munchkin of a toddler roaming around our house day in and day out.  BUT…

I do not want to miss this journey, so Sundays are my mandatory “document” days.  The days I make sure to journal about baby, pregnancy, worries, excitement…and of course to document the bump (see ginormous picture of me above.)

I am thrilled to be carrying this precious life inside of me.

I struggle to wrap my mind around what a family of 4 is going to be like.  I have no doubt about it, Colby is going to love being a big brother.  Our neighbors have recently welcomed baby #3 into their home and I cannot help but want to squeal anytime I see Colby around their little gift:


He whispers, “baby.”  He then wants to squeeze her feet or touch her eyes (yes, we are going to need to work on the gentle concept.)

It is drastically different visiting the doctor in America vs. Haiti.  We had amazing care in Haiti.  But, I will admit I have not missed the sound of roosters outside the window in the midst of ultrasounds and check ups.

My body feels like it is changing much quicker this time around.  It definitely knows what it is doing (what an awesome Creator we have!)

I’m trying super hard to make “wise food choices.”  This momma needs protein, protein, protein.  But, it seems the only thing I want is powdered donuts, powdered donuts, powdered donuts.

So, here’s to my first official “Sunday Blog Documenting of Baby #2”.  What a catchy title.  See you again next week to talk all about that bump.

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  1. Love this blog. I will look forward to reading it every Monday morning. We are all soo excited for you. Colby will be an awesome big brother. Lots of Love, Mommaw Peggy

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