How Bout them Falcons


I’ve been a GA peach for about 4 months now.  Who knew we’d move to GA just in time for the Atlanta Falcons (my NFL team now) to play in the Superbowl!  I have always been a fan of the Superbowl, but it will probably come as no surprise that I enjoy the Superbowl for reasons besides the actual sport of football.

I love the Superbowl because I am all about any reason to have a get together.  My FOMO (fear of missing out) self loves nothing more than to have people over or go to someones house, just for fun!  I love the commercials of Superbowl, most of the time.  I love the touchdown celebrations and the energy from the crowd.  And I love the food of Superbowl.  Y’all…

Cheeses, meats, and chocolates…oh my!

But something happened this year.  Something that junk food lovin’ Chelsea had never experienced before.  You see, I dove all in ready to embrace this lovely junk food weekend, and my body didn’t like it.

At the close of an eventful game, where *spoiler alert* the Atlanta Falcons did not win, I found myself in bed with a killer headache.  A headache from a sugar rush and over indulgence that was not welcomed by my body.

Did I mention this has never happened to me before?  Normally when my body crashes or hurts it’s from a need of sweets (carbs, junk, etc.)  not from an overload of sugar!

But do you want to know the craziest part?

I have never enjoyed a headache more in my life!  It hurt, don’t get me wrong.  But it communicated something much bigger.

My body is changing!

In this 2017 year I’ve committed to improving my physical health through fitness and nutrition.  And it’s happening!  The terrible headache of Superbowl 2017 is proof!  As I wished away the throbbing headache I couldn’t help but be thankful all at the same time.

Our bodies are incredible gifts!  It blows my mind when I think about how intricately designed we are by our Creator.  Our bodies are to be fueled to make much of Him, not harmed by our poor choices.  The past month of giving more attention to how I am caring for this temple of the Lord has not been without its challenges.

I’ve had successes and failures.  But you, oh sweet headache of Superbowl 2017, you have helped me see the successes are outweighing the fails.

So, in the nicest way possible I say, Bon Voyage sugar crashes and awful headaches, you are not welcome this year!

I am full swing ahead on my fitness & nutrition journey and doing it alongside a team of awesome encouragers and friends through Beachbody.  I’d love to share more with you and help you kick those sugar crashes and sloppy days too!

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