Fly By February


I realize February has fewer days than other months, but seriously, where did it go?!  Here are a few places our days went this month…



Winter days call for a lot of time within the four walls of our home.  So with two littles that means a lot of close quarters!  I’m going to choose to describe this as snuggles, because that is what I know I will remember when I look back on these days.  Even if most days it feels like wallering…squirming…and lots of tugging.

Snuggles, that’s what we’ll call it.


Domestic Duties


My two partners in crime travel with me everywhere.  They bring smiles from others and they keep me hoppin’.

They are definitely turning into a brother-sister team.  They are learning to pester one second and then laugh uncontrollably the next.  Colby loves a schedule and always begins his day asking me what all we are going to do in the day.  And Riley, she loves people, so as long as we are together she is happy.



We are diving in and creating our home in GA.  This means new play dates with new friends we hope will one day be old friends.  It also has included a few face to face visits with old friends who now live 2 hours from us!  It’s not always easy and it takes intentionality, but it’s always worth it.



Our Yaya celebrated a birthday this month!  She’s a smart lady, that Yaya, she believes in birthday months & not simply days.  I think we all could learn a thing or two from this wise lady…



We can’t let February pass without  noting it as Riley’s first Valentines Day!  Colby loved the day and kept calling it “Happy New Years Day!”.  Trey and I got a date night to the Cheesecake factory and you better believe our home had it’s share of sparkly hearts and red roses.

In short, February swooped in and now it’s swooping out!

We are holding on tight to these days and to the moments that make them.


Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom…Psalm 90:12

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