A Weekend in La La Land

When a friend sends you a text saying she would like to come see you and love on your family, you say COME ON, and have a great weekend.

Girlfriends and special visits are pretty much the best.


Our weekend consisted of sunshine walks, shopping, and dinner & a movie…

What movie?  I’m glad you asked.

La La Land!!!!


Have you seen it?

I had wanted to see the movie for a while now but I knew it might not be a favorite for Trey…so when a girlfriend comes to town and it happens to still be playing in theatres, you better believe I jumped on the opportunity.

Y’all…we loved it!

It had been quite a while since I was genuinely entertained by a movie.  It was engaging.  Refreshing.  Fun.  All the feels.  And in the midst of being a musical, it was real.  For a little more than 2 hours I was completely captivated by the magic of the big screen and honestly thankful for the journey we took with the two main characters.

See what I’m saying?  Doesn’t happen much in the movies these days.  And you better believe I am listening to the soundtrack online as I write this post.  (Mamaw Peggy, I hope you have seen it!)

Now…how many days until it comes out on DVD?

In the midst of our outings Julia still had plenty of time to love on our babies as well:


Ms. Julia, thanks for a great visit!  Please come back again!


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