Remember Your Calling

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of being a stay-at-home mom.  I looked forward to play dates, preparing meals, sticky fingers, bath times, and all that caring for littles involved.  I would watch other moms and look forward to the day that I would have a little one call me “momma” and want to sit in my lap.  And then it happened.

And over the last 3 years my dream of motherhood has become a reality.  And like most things in life, reality is a lot different than our dreams.

A few weeks ago I was in a conversation with a close girlfriend.  One of those, speak truth to you girlfriends, even when you didn’t realize you need it.  We were in the middle of the, “I’m a stay-at-home mom but wonder if I should be doing more…” conversations.  If you are a SAHM, you know the ones.  We had both recently moved states and were in the process of settling in.  As we were discussing our “new normals” my friend said,

“I have to remember, just because my location has changed does not mean my calling has…”

I don’t think she realized how much this truth ran all through me.  You see, in the midst of a location change, even a change of seasons, this momma has needed to remember her calling.

I have needed to remember that in the midst of what seems long days full of menial tasks, that these are the most meaningful tasks!

I have needed to remember that at times when it feels like all other mommas are out in the “real world” and I’m “just at home” that this is my calling.

I have to remember that the days may pass slowly but the years will pass quickly.

In an effort to EMBRACE 2017 I am learning to embrace my days as a stay-at-home mom too.  I spend 24/7 with two little humans who are quite incredible!  My 3 year old is soaking up everything, we have real conversations (constantly) and he is so much fun!  My 1 year old has never met a stranger and her love for others and life is contagious!


I want to make the most of my days with these sweet babies.

A few months ago my Mother-in-love gave me “A Year of Playing Skillfully”-a curriculum designed for intentional time with my kiddos.  I have waited a bit to dive into this resource while our life has “settled” down.  I spent the majority of my day today digging into this gem!


Talk about an afternoon of perspective change!

So often I lose my joy in my calling as mom because I am overwhelmed by tasks.  I am overwhelmed by the constant needs that I have forgotten to stop and enjoy my kids.  I hope to change that this month.  And it started today…


Look up in the midst of it mommas, remember your calling!

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