Five Minute Friday- Purpose


Five Minute Friday- Linking up with my sisters hosted by Kate Motaung.  A time to let go of edits and specifics and let the words flow.  Each Friday a new writing prompt is given and the timer is set.


I’m in the bathroom putting the last few strands of hair into place as I prepare for the day and I hear the scream.  A shrill, high pitch, “he’s bothering me” scream from my 1 year old.  I take the 5 steps from my bathroom to living room to see what has happened to which I hear my 3 year old respond…

“I didn’t do it on purpose…”

9 times out of 10 I’m not even sure what “it” was he didn’t do.

I drop down to my knees, eye to eye with this sweet little sinner that he is…and I say, “What ARE you supposed to do to you sister?”

Protect her, love her, have fun with her…I remind him of his purpose.

The list goes on and play time begins again.

These “not on purpose” moments happen a lot with my 3 year old.  But the more I see them happen to him, the more I notice I do it too. (What a mirror our kids are!)

Here are a few synonyms for purpose: intend, mean, aim, plan…

I didn’t plan to eat those 3 cookies for dessert…

I didn’t intend to sleep through my alarm instead of spending time in the Word…

I didn’t mean to have a silly argument with my husband, again…

I know I need the same talk I give my 3 year old, a talk to define my purpose.  I know all the things I did not do on purpose…now onto the things I should PURPOSE to do.


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  1. Oh this is good. There are so many things I feel I don’t mean to do on purpose. This has me thinking about things I should be doing on purpose. Stopping in from #12 this week. Blessings!

  2. I love how well God teaches us as we parent our children. We certainly do need a regular talking to, to define our purpose—at least, I know I do.

    I have four children. 2 boys. 2 girls.

    With my boys, I remind them they are designed to protect, provide, pursue. Even so, they need to be reminded. It’s not just that they didn’t mean to hurt, it’s that they didn’t purpose to protect.

    Thanks for sharing a window into your world.

    I’m visiting from FMF

  3. Great post, Chelsea! My kids are a bit older, but I still hear that phrase often … :-) I love how you turned it to reflect on yourself. Thanks for linking up with Five Minute Friday!

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