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Podcast Queen


Oh the joys of gathering together as a family, all sitting close  in the living room, waiting for the nightly broadcast of our favorite show to air on the radio…

Okay, so maybe I never lived in the “radio in your home” days, but can I say I think I would’ve loved it?  Trey makes fun of me for how much I enjoy talk radio.  I don’t zoom past a station in the car if people are talking, instead I try to quiet the kiddos so I can hear what they’re talking about.

Nosey?  Yea, maybe a little.  But “on air” radio talk is for the nosey in all of us.  So you can imagine that in this day and age of Podcast (talk radio for my mobile devices) I am hooked!  Over the past few months I have become a bit of a podcast queen.

I listen while I do housework.  I listen when the kids and I are playing in the afternoons.  I listen while I am getting ready in the mornings.  And I listen to a wide variety…

I have my “mom podcasts”:

The Real-Life Mom Show

Glorious in the Mundane

I have my Beachbody podcasts:

Team Beachbody Coach Podcast

I have my family and daily encouragement podcast:

Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast

I have my, you’re a stay at home mom but still need to look at the world through a biblical worldview and keep up with current events, podcast:

The Briefing

Just to name a few.

Now don’t misunderstand.  Most of these just air once a week.  So I am not glued to the phone and not hearing my kids…most of the time.  But in all seriousness, I am loving the “at the touch of a button” access to so many wonderful resources!

What about you?  What Podcasts do you currently enjoy?  I’m always open to suggestions.  Funny to fitness to deep thinking, I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. I AM of the ” radio in your home ” generation. My Grandmother & I listened nightly to an announcer named Gabriel Heater report the news. I listen now to the away Redhound Football games on 107.3 fm . Recently I listened on the same station to a Redhound Basketball game.
    Love to you & yours. Mommaw Peggy

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