College Flashback


Starting Sunday night around 10 p.m. a reunion began that had been long overdue!  Two of my very best friends from college came to our house to spend a few days!  It had been almost 3 years since the 3 of us had been together…

There are few people in the world that make me laugh harder (I’m talking water spewing cackles) and love Jesus more than these 2 ladies.

We met as college Freshman and are now women! (women who still are blown away that we are “adults”.)

The past few days consisted of GA sunshine…



My babies meeting & loving my buddies…



And even a week night movie!


I learned a few things this week, this momma is no longer made for college hours (I saw midnight by CHOICE, this does not happen in mom life!) And I am certainly not made for college eating again…so.not.good.

So while this is not a norm for me, what a treat it was!

As I sit in my quiet house after a few days of sweet visitors my heart is full.  It is full of thankfulness for college days & a whole lot of growing up.  It is full of excitement over where each of these sweet friendships have gone, church planters to adoption agents…these girls are something else!  It is full of thankfulness for relationships that have not been face to face for a while but picked up right where we left off.

Thanks Beth & Sarah for an awesome few days!  Let’s not wait 3 years to do it again.

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