Future Daughter-In-Love


Dear Future Daughter-In-Love,

I’ve been thinking a lot about you recently.  You see, as the mom of your future husband, I cannot help but watch him and think of what he will be like years down the road.  I am not exaggerating when I say he gets bigger and more grown up every.morning!  Here are a few things you should know…

Our Colby, he is a sensitive boy.  Some of this is due to just being little, but some of it is in his blood.  He LOVES people.  He cares and notices when those around him are happy or sad.  He legitimately celebrates with others (Birthdays are his favorite!) and he loves to surprise people.  This sweet heart is seen in his willingness to serve…

I am currently trying to teach him the value of helping around the house.  Most of the time he is eager to do it!  You see, my mother-in-love trained my husband from a young age and I am reaping the benefits of a man who not only likes a clean house, but helps me to keep one!  I am hoping to do the same for you.  Our little servant is also quick to give a compliment.

He probably plays the “guess what” game with me about 20 times a day…

“Hey mom, guess what?”

“What Colby?”

“I love you!!!”

And you know what?  I love it.  It’s so important to let others we love KNOW it and this little boy likes to proclaim it.  That’s not the only thing he likes to proclaim…

He likes it when girls wear their hair down.  He does not like ponytails.  There have been several moments recently where I will get ready to leave the house with my hair in a ponytail and he is quick to tell me I should’ve worn my hair down.  Now, I see this as a good thing, he notices!  You will want your man to notice when you do something different with your hair or put on a new outfit, but I’m thinking you will also want his compliments and not critiques.  He is quick to give those too, so just say no to ponytails.

Do you like to laugh?


I hope you do!  Colby has become the king of making people laugh.  He will work hard to make you laugh.  And he will ask you if you are happy…a lot.  Our guys like to know their ladies are happy, and well that’s super special!

And one last thing, how do you feel about singing & dancing?  Colby likes it a lot!  In the car, turn the music up and sing.  At the kitchen table, bust out a tune.  Going to bed, you guessed it, sing!  It’s good for the soul…

Those are the BIG things I’m seeing in our boy today.  He’s growing up and though it seems fast some days it is so exciting to watch.  He’s not perfect, a far cry from it, but aren’t we all?


Until next time…

Your Future Mother-In-Love


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