Five Minute Friday- Linking up with my sisters hosted by Kate Motaung.  A time to let go of edits and specifics and let the words flow.  Each Friday a new writing prompt is given and the timer is set.


Enough- occurring in such quantity, quality, or scope as to fully meet demands, needs, or expectations.

Here are a few things I cannot seem to get enough of these days:

*My anniversary surprise from Trey!  7 years of wedded bliss & Trey surprised me with our wedding vows (thanks to Kam Roberts & One Girl Design Shoppe!)  Our dining room has become “my space.”  It’s where I spend the nap hour at our house doing my Bible study & Beachbody Coaching & other “quiet” activities.



*Spring Break!!  Even though my kiddos are not “school age,” we have had our own spring break of visits from family and more to follow!  It’s Friday, but it has felt like Saturday in our neck of the woods for the past few days.  I cannot get enough…


*My love for at home workouts is out.of.control.  I cannot get enough.  Over the past few weeks I have gotten up before our kiddos to work out.  It is FINALLY starting to “work.”  The alarm clock doesn’t make me want to cringe (most days) because I am seeing the benefit of caring for myself before my family needs me.  Not to mention, getting an energy boost to start my day.  Not to mention we are slowly putting together a space in our basement to work out, I’m pretty excited!


*Every Body Matters- I started this book a few days ago for our monthly fitness accountability group and I cannot get enough.  If you are interested in health & nutrition or need a bit of motivation in this area, I highly recommend!


It’s Friday y’all!  Enjoy the things you cannot get enough of this weekend!


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