Why not July 12?


Planninginpencil.com, I have missed you!

Why not post again 3 months later (eek!)

Over the last few months between wifing (…the act of being a wife) motherhood, Beachbody coaching, investing in a new community, and countless other “to do’s” my blog posts have taken a hit.

But can I just say, I have MISSED this!

As strange as it is to say my blogs are a time of relaxing & reflecting.  They have become a bit of an “ebenezer” (places of remembrance) if you will.

These “routine” days of stay at home mom life are ones to be treasured.  I have seen this in the past months thanks to a little thing called “timehop” on Facebook.  (You know, there is a lot about social media that is negative, but some things I just love!)  Over the past few weeks I have been reminded of so many sweet sweet times over our last 3 years (since I started blogging).

Everything from moving to Haiti, announcing our first pregnancy, visits with friends, and lessons (oh so many lessons) the Lord has taught me and continues to teach me in the midst of my day to day.  Each time a blog post from the past would resurface my stomach would tighten.  I would be reminded of how long it had been since I had actually sat down to write.

And then I would feel overwhelmed with where to begin again.  How can I “catch up”?!

How long had it been since I took time to look through my pictures and recount a joyful moment from a week gone by?

How long had it been since I took the time to “re visit” a teachable moment the Lord had brought to mind during my quiet time.

These are big deals!

I realize I could record these things in a journal, which I do.  Those pages are where the real nitty gritty is stored (the dirty laundry you know that stays between you and the Lord.)

But there is something the type of writing I do via blog posts.  First, I type SO MUCH QUICKER than I can hand write anything.  Second, how often do I think to revisit a journal or remember a certain month and time, when this technology age has it literally at my fingertips.  Third, the pictures, oh the pictures! (I still have it as a dream to print several of these bad boys off, but for now the blog is my saving grace!)

Will my posts be perfect? No, English teachers be afraid!  Will they always have some huge life altering point? No.  Will they be treasured by anyone besides me & maybe my mom & grandmother?  Probably not.  But they will BE.

So here is me saying to myself (and anyone else who may be reading this…)

I’m back!

And at risk of totally retracing way too many steps and hitting that “overwhelmed” stage, here are a few summer highlights…

*First trip to our new neighborhood pool!

FullSizeRender (4)

Splash Park with our Thursday preschool moms group from church!


Park days…


Lots of park days!


First VBS for our crew!  And momma led the preschool music…all while dad was out of town.  Shew!


What’s the best way to end VBS?  Fly to Arizona alone for a few days at the Grand Canyon with your best friend! (Thanks grandparents for holding down the homefront.)


And sometimes summer nights means $5 pizza outside…ya’ll know thats our happy place.


First family beach trip!



Chik-Fil-A, Cow Appreciation day!


Wednesday July 12…


Just because.

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