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Todays word- Comfort


My kids love music!  We listen to music while we straighten up the kitchen each morning after breakfast.  Our favorite songs are on in the car on short or long treks.  If a show is on t.v. and a song begins you better believe my two are up and moving.  One of Colby’s current favorites is the soundtrack from the movie “Troll’s”.

He regularly requests “Hair Up…” (If you’ve seen the movie you know what I mean, if not, I can’t say you are totally missing out.)  As I’ve noticed this little guys love for songs I have began to seek songs with meaning and purpose.  Don’t get me wrong we will still be busting out moves to “I can’t stop the feeling…” by Justin Timberlake, but I have found a few go to’s that still get our feet tapping but are so rich!

At the close of VBS this summer each student received a copy of a “Seeds Family Worship” cd.  I had been told about seeds before but honestly hadn’t looked much into it.  Nothing like a free cd to get you hooked.  I popped this baby into the car and we have been hooked.

Every song is STRAIGHT scripture.  Catchy melodies that get in your mind and stick as you truly begin to meditate on the word.  And the best part, as the songs play, Colby yells from the back seat….”Mom, what’s the miry pit”  “Mom, what does it mean Christ Jesus…”  “Mom what does it mean that God comforts…” and I kid you not…”Mom, what’s the Holy Spirit…”

Just to name a few!

THIS is talking about the word when you go out and come in and go about your day!  It’s so easy & so much fun!  If you haven’t tried out any seeds albums, you are missing out.

Here’s one of our current favorites:

Seeds Family Worship

(Also check out, The Ology, by Sovereign Grace Music)



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