Summer Reads

As August quickly approaches I am proud to say I managed to get in a few fun reads during the summer days.  (A few being the key word…)

While We’re Far Apart, Lynn Austin


I was introduced to Lynn Austin 2 years ago by a friend from camp & I have been hooked.  Most of her books are historical fiction, so I feel like I am picking up a few history lessons while also being super engaged in great characters and unpredictable stories.

Wonder, R.J. Palacio


I’ll confess, I picked this book up because it’s going to hit the big screens in Novemeber (opening day is on my birthday, Nov. 17, so I’m thinking I’ve already got birthday plans!)  And not to mention, one of the lead characters is Julia Roberts (loooove her!).  So what started as shallow reasoning ended with so much more.

This book was truly enjoyable to read.  It made me think about often difficult topics while keeping things light and enjoyable.  It’s actually written for young readers, so it was an easy read, which is a nice change every no and then!

The Fall of Marigolds, Susan Meissner


I purchased this book on my kindle over a year ago.  While adjusting to being a mom of two and moving…reading was not high on my priority list.  But I’m sure glad I bought this and stumbled upon it a few weeks ago.

Another historical fiction read, combining New York City in 1911 to 2000.  Two separate stories that overlap in the end.  This was my first book from Susan Meissner and will not be my last.

What about you?  What have you enjoyed over the last few months?

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