Five Minute Friday- TRY


Linking up with the ladies at Five Minute Friday!



I work hard to capture moments with my kids.  Sometimes I think I try too hard to document every little moment.  Do I have too many “bathtime” photos that they have lost their appeal?  Or will I ever even know which ones to print off when I even get to that step in documenting…

Am I constantly snapping away that I really have missed the thrill of their first time seeing the ocean or their surprise when tasting their birthday cake for the first time?!

I’m a firm believer in “everything in moderation” and I’m even trying to apply this to my documenting of the kiddos.

But sometimes, on a regular Friday morning at the park…I sure am glad I try to take it all in, because these days are long but the years are quick.


STOP! (And take a picture…)

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