You Were the First…



You were the first child the Lord saw fit to entrust to your dad & I.  I will never forget the first time we heard your heartbeat in a tiny doctors office in Haiti.  I will never forget your first cry (and all the other ones late in the night.)  You were the first…my sweet little man, you made us parents.  And do you know what, as you grow…we are growing with you.  We are entering another first with you tomorrow.

It will be your first day of pre-school.

When we signed you up for pre-school, nearly 4 months ago, the “start” day seemed so far away.  Now as I sit here waiting for you to wake up from your afternoon nap, my stomach is in my throat and I am wondering if we have made the right decision.

You see, with you being the first, you are going to try a lot of things that make us as parents scared too.  Granted, you will only be gone 3 mornings a week and you will be at our church just a quick few minutes down the road, but it’s still a BIG deal.

Today, on the eve of your first day of school I am feeling very protective.  I do not want to share you.  I do not want to miss your funny phrases or miss hearing you sing songs under your breath while you play with your toys.  I do not want someone else to comfort you if you get your feelings hurt or fall on the play ground.  As your mom, that’s my job.  And it’s a job I am honored to have!  But more than the things I do not want to miss…I have to think about you.

You are SO ready my little man.  I do not want you to miss learning to share with others and being excited over meeting new friends.  I do not want you to miss learning to listen to others and respect the grown ups in your life.  I do not want you to miss laughing over silly things with other kids and being the goofy kid you are (everyone is going to love you!)

Here’s a few pictures from open house when you met your teachers last week:




You loved them and were so proud to get to talk about going to school!  I will probably have to look at these pictures A LOT tomorrow to make sure I (I mean you) are okay…

Just know, over these next few weeks we are going to do a lot of growing up together.  For every one step of courage you have to take over these next few days, know momma is taking about 10!

So tomorrow, I promise not to be sad in front of you, but I cannot promise that I might not sit in the parking lot after you go in an extra long time just in case I (I mean you…) change your mind about this whole getting bigger thing.

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