First Day of Pre-School!


It was a big day for our little man!

The first words out of his mouth this morning were, “Momma, it’s time, I get to go to school today!”

And just like that the morning routine was in full swing.  We had pre-school open house last week and since that time we had been making a chart of smiley faces to keep up with how many sleeps until pre-school.

At 7 a.m. this morning he drew his last smiley face!


Each morning we enjoy listening to music through Amazon.  We request “kids music” and get a wide variety of options.  Want to know the first song Amazon selected for us this morning?

“Grown Up’s Come Back…” by Daniel Tiger.  (Isn’t it neat when God gives extra little comforts to start the day!)

While we ate breakfast I talked through how the rest of the morning was going to look for Colby and mid-sentence he interrupted me and said,

“Momma, no no no you don’t have to say ’nuffin I’m not going to cry when you take me to school because I know you’re coming back.”

He was ready!


We arrived at school about 5 minutes before the doors opened and there was a line of kids and parents down the sidewalk waiting to enter.  I told Colby we could wait in the car until they opened the doors and he said, “no, we’ve got to go join everybody!” (Clearly one of us was ready..)

So in we went!

Colby led the way to his classroom carrying his bag, head held high.  I made small talk with a few mommas in the room and watched to see what would happen next.  A few parents began to say their goodbyes and I figured I couldn’t stay there forever, so I bent down and gave a quick kiss to my boy and there it happened, my stomach jumped up into my throat.

His little eyes smiled up confidently as he told me goodbye.

I had just made it to the door when I heard a little voice raise above the commotion from the other side of the room, “See you at lunch time mom!” I gave a confident smile and wave and turned to leave (I will NEVER forget that sweet little face and moment as long as that boy calls me mom…) and then I had to run…

My eyes started to burn and everything around me got fuzzy.  I recognized a few friends as I walked down the hallway but I didn’t stop to talk because it was coming…the ugly cry…yea I was on edge and had to make it to the car and QUICK!

I then sat in the parking lot for a few minutes pretending to study my cell phone while secretly trying to catch my breath and stop the tears.  Could I really just leave?  Surely he would need me?  But after a few minutes realizing my 19 month old in the backseat would not sit in the parking lot content for the next 3 hours reality hit and it was time to go.

But driving down the road with one empty car seat feels off.  And I was not ready to walk inside and see his empty cereal bowl so we did what any self respecting mom should do on her first child’s first day of pre-school…

We went to Chick-Fil-A!  It just so happened that this morning Chick-Fil-A was giving free chicken mini’s today. (Talk about a morning of little graces…it’s so neat to serve the God who see’s!)


After some food therapy (for FREE!) it was back to the house to tidy up and do a few chores and before I knew it it was time for pick up.

As I sat in the pick up line I couldn’t help but wonder what news I was about to receive from the end of his first day.  Would he be happy, sad, tired?  And a few minutes later out came my little man big grin and all when he saw us waiting in the car to take him home.

As we rode back to the house I heard about lolli pops, playing with horses, cutting play-doh with scissors, and painting with his fingers.  That sounds like a good morning to me!  I asked him if he thought it would be fun to go back tomorrow and he said “Of course!”

And just like that our day picked up like “normal.”  But, no first day is complete without your favorite meal and special plate!


…and about 1,000 kisses from momma.


So here’s to our new normal…I think we’re going to like it!




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