Nature Hike

It’s Fall Break for Pre-School this week and we are definitely enjoying some slower mornings.  As nice as a “break” from normal can be, life with two littles does not lend itself to quiet slow starts to a day.  I am quickly learning my kids thrive on routine and getting out and about.  In an effort to “give the people what they want…” our week began with a nature hike at a local park!


About a year ago my Mother-In-Love gifted me with “The Home Grown Pre-Schooler, A Year of Playing Skillfully” curriculum.  Each month I have a new list of ideas for things to do at home with my crew.  It has saved me hours of pinterest searches and is full of activities that can be done at home or around the town.  We are loving it!  This months theme has been all about exploring the great out doors…hints the nature hike.

My little explorer loved taking charge of our outdoor adventure.


Our “goal” was to collect items for his very own nature book.  We spent Monday morning collecting the items.


Sister was a good sport…


Tuesday morning we worked on putting the book together by tracing all of his finds into pages of his book.



And when tracing became too much we took to cutting and taping, this kid loves scissors!


It’s been a fun few days of exploring and learning!

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