SUPER Saturday

Sometimes the unexpected happens.  Sometimes you meet a friend in a small group Bible study.  You friend her on Facebook and discover you share similar interests with health & fitness.  Sometimes you move to a new state and things get a bit crazy in life.  You make a new years resolution to improve in your health and fitness and remember your friend from KY and reach out to her about what she does for at home fitness…

Sometimes this friend becomes your Beachbody coach.  After experiencing awesome results, accountability, and excitement over an incredible company you decide to become a coach and invest in others and share this incredible journey together. Sometimes your friend, who you haven’t seen in a year…and even at that had only just started getting to know her comes to spend the weekend with you for one SUPER Saturday…

Backpacks packed and kiddos taken care of…these two mommas were ready for a day of training, workouts, and fun!


We sat under teaching of top coaches and like-minded ladies!


We sampled incredible nutrition packed shakes!


And we might have chased it down with a donut hole or two…just keepin’ it real!


I had a fan girl moment getting to see Super Trainer Chris Downing!  Chris shared his passion for people and the platform he has received through Beachbody.


Over the past 9 weeks the hubs and I have faithfully completed Chris’s program, Shift Shop!  We have LOVED the program and feel stronger than ever.  So you can imagine I was a TAD excited at the thought of participating in a LIVE workout with a trainer we had only seen through the screen.

That opportunity came this afternoon when we were led in a group workout by CHRIS alongside 100+ coaches…


There was sweat, jumping around, and squats…150+ squats (not.even.kidding.!)

Sometimes (okay all the time…) God is good and is full of awesome surprises in this little thing called life.


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