Happy Fall Y’all!

Nothing says “Welcome Fall…” more than a hayride and pumpkin pickin’.

Today at pre-school my little man got to experience that very thing.  And the best part, we didn’t even have to travel to make it to the farm, it came to us.

Each class was given an hour in the back field of the church to go on a hayride, pick the perfect size pumpkins, and enjoy a fall treat of apple juice and candy corn.  Does it get any better?

It took a bit of planning (special shout out to my father-in-law who had some special time with my daughter!) in order for me to get to join Colby on this day but I am so glad it worked out.

He was so proud to show me his room, introduce me to his friends, and have a “special adventure” just the two of us!


I loved watching Colby search for the “perfect pumpkin”.  His goal was to find the BIGGEST one.  Why am I not surprised?


As we were leaving he told me how happy he was that I got to come to his school today and he made sure to let me know I could do that everyday if I would like.  (Y’all…I can’t even handle it!)

And you better believe this little, I mean BIG, pumpkin found it’s spot on our front porch as soon as we got home.  Now to work on getting Daddy to take us to another pumpkin patch so we can find a few for the whole family…

Happy Fall Y’all!

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