This past weekend the kiddos and I loaded up and took off to KY to kick off Fall Break for my mom’s school.  It was the perfect combination of all things fall, family, and rest.  We missed Trey, as he was busy at home…more on that in the next post.  But here are some highlights of our time in KY!

We arrived Friday afternoon.  After a LONG drive of ZERO naps I welcomed all hands on board as we spent time with family and had a not so quiet first supper at Mimi & Poppi’s.

Saturday morning it was off to the Pumpkin Patch!  This was no small farm, they had everything from pony rides…


Colby picked the biggest horse and Riley rode for the first time!


To milkin’ cows…


And other animals that placed my farm loving boy over the moon!



Because who doesn’t expect to see bulls and camels at the pumpkin patch?  Did I mention they had a kangaroo and turkey’s too?!

Colby led the way through the corn maze.  He was our brave explorer.


We jumped in the bounce house.  Ate cotton candy.  Slid down a slide on potato sacks. AND went on a hay ride to pick pumpkins.



Needless to say we were all WORN.OUT. after a full morning of activity so we settled in for “naps” (okay let’s be honest, the kids hardly nap when we visit Mimi & Poppi, I think they are too scared they will miss something.)

So maybe I should say after attempting naps, we topped off a perfect Saturday with dinner at Cracker Barrel.  It’s just what you do when you go to KY.  Just ask Colby, his exact words as we were discussing our trip to KY, “Oh mom, you know what this means, we get to eat at Cracker Barrel!”

Sunday is for church visits and lunch with Mamaw Peggy & Layton.  Two of my personal favorites.  Not to mention an impromptu photo shoot in between…



Monday morning was the first crispness of fall and Poppi & Colby attempted a fishing excursion.  However, without any worms and an impatient 3 year old, the end result was a missing hook apparently taken away by a “LARGE BLUE GILL.”  Fishermen and their stories…


The afternoon concluded with a trip down memory lane as Papaw got my Mom’s car from childhood up and running… 50+ years later…


My mom’s face in this picture sums up the entire experience.


Let’s just say there was one speed, FAST.

After several speedy laps around the yard and a few vehicles dodged the ride was over.  You know what they say, all good things must come to an end.


Tuesday afternoon we were back on the road heading to our house in GA.  I am so thankful for time well spent and memories made.  Until next time KY!

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