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“I Love My Family”

I picked up a mighty proud pre-schooler in the car pool line yesterday.  As he hopped into the car he announced, “Momma, I made a picture of you as an exercise girl!”

He did what?

He continued to tell me all about his special craft he had in his bag to share with me when we got out of the car.

And y’all was it special…

So special I considered it blog worthy because I do not want to lose this lil’ gem.  It’s incredible the things you will discover when you look at life through the eyes of a 3 year old…


May I present to you, our family:


And a few key phrases this momma heart doesn’t want to forget years down the road.

“Dad is working hard at the church”

“I am eating a carrott, look at my sharp tooth!”

“Riley only has one pony tail…”

“Mom is an exercise girl, look at her pumping her arms!”

Out of the mouths of babes.  Thank you Colby for keeping us in check and keeping us laughing!

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