Chip Gaines?

During our trip to KY last weekend my hubby was busy and I mean BUSY!

He has kept quite a full work load over the last several weeks so when we left for the weekend and I didn’t hear too much from him I just assumed he was working.  It wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that I began to get suspicious.

He called to “check in” and was walking into Lowe’s…

I am a far cry from a “handy girl” or a “diy’er” but in my 7 years of marriage I have learned when the hubby goes to Lowe’s good things follow.

I was thinking little projects.  You know…a new porch swing?  (Which even that would’ve been a BIG surprise.)  But he did it.  He out did himself this time.

When he called me and told me he was going to leave work a bit early to be home when we arrived the excitement increased!

What did he do you ask…

Downstairs.  The entire downstairs.  He removed carpet and flooring and did this…





Chip Gaines who?  Just kidding, I love Fixer Upper, and while I love Chip & Jo I am glad I get to have my very own handy man!

He totally outdid himself this time.  And I was TOTALLY surprised!

So were our kiddos!  Colby yelled, “Wow, a new house!!” when we walked in the front door.  When we said it was the same house he said, “Did dad pick our house up and move it?” Haha!


(Like father like son, handy man in the making as he helps clean our “new house”)

I am one LUCKY GAL.  It’s in moments like these I am reminded how much my husband get me.  A torn apart home for the sake of a project is like my worst nightmare, so to send me away and work his tail off is HUGE.  But my favorite part?

He added cushion under our rug in the living room because he knows that as a mom of littles I live on the floor so he made it feel just.right.

Trey Salter, you are my FAVORITE.  Thanks for spoiling me. (And of course a big thank you to my father-in-love who spent his fair share laboring through the weekend as well.)

Now, maybe the kids and I travel to KY every weekend?  I could get used to these surprises 😉

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