8 Years Later…

Sometimes moments happen.  Moments you know you will never forget, no.matter.what.  On this day 8 years ago we had one of THOSE moments.  It was a big one.  It was something every girl dreams of.  It was QUITE the night.  It was the night we got engaged!!

It was the end of a weekend celebrating the marriage of my best friend from elementary school to her sweetheart.  I had the joy of being her maid of honor!  And while I loved every moment of the weekend, I am not going to lie when I saw my heart was somewhere else…

You see, my boyfriend at the time was working a recruitment weekend for the summer camp we loved.  All throughout the wedding weekend I couldn’t help but think of this boyfriend of mine.

Would he be the one I took countless photos with on my wedding day?

Would he be the one I stood at the altar with and promised to love all the days of my life?

Would he be my first and last, first kiss?

Needless to say a wedding weekend was the perfect time with all the feels as love was truly in the air!

On the night of the rehearsal dinner I will never forget a question a dear friend/mentor of mine asked, “So Chelsea, you and Trey are pretty serious right?  If he were to ask you to marry him what would you say?”

I laughed and turned several shades of red as I confidently said, “I would say yes!”

(Little did I know, she KNEW what was ahead for me in less than 24 hours…sneaky sneaky!)

The wedding festivities concluded around 8 p.m. and I called Trey just to say Hi.  He apologized again for having to have missed such a special weekend, we said our goodnights, and I drove home to my parents house.  The plan was to see him the next day once I returned to school in Louisville.

Fast forward 20 minutes later as I pull into my parents driveway to be greeted by none other than my BOYFRIEND!!!  What a GREAT surprise!

I jumped out of the car giving him a big hug and thanking him for surprising me and coming in for the night.  Completely oblivious to what was about to happen!

I instantly began to talk non-stop about the wedding and even how I caught the bouquet at the reception! (Yes, yes I did!)  He laughed and listened politely and then asked me if I was ready to go inside.

Sure, why not?!

As we approached the steps he stopped and asked me if I trusted him.  Wait, what?

I said of course I did, now let’s go.

To which he responded, “Okay, let’s go inside then.  Don’t ask any questions just trust me.”

As we walked into my parents house it was strangely quiet.  You see just a few hours ago I had said goodbye to my sisters and mom agreeing to meet at home for a late night dessert…but no one was home. (You’d think I would’ve noticed that there were no cars in the driveway when I came in.  But I’m not kidding when I say I was giddy and in love and only had eyes for Trey!!)

As we entered the empty kitchen Trey took me by the hand and led me to my mom’s “asking room.” (An old nursery, turned piano room, turned Bible study room once the kids moved out.)  And that’s when I KNEW…


If a proposal was not about to happen this was some terrible joke.  The rest of the moments are a blur!  Trey sat me down and began to wash my feet as he told me everything he loved about me.  He shared his dreams for our future and his desire to do life with me. (Squeal!!)

After washing my feet he got on one knee and pulled out a ring and said, “Marry me Juliette you’ll never have to be alone…” (Just kiddin’ Taylor Swift song just popped in my mind).  Actually, being totally transparent he never said “Will you marry me”, during the proposal.  It wasn’t until our car ride back to school the next day that the official question was asked.  Nerves, they’ll get you every time.

But the message was CLEAR and the ring was placed and we were engaged!!

  • IMG_1401

I called my mom who happened to be hiding out at my grandparents house down the street with the rest of my family and Trey’s parents!  They all came to the house and the late night dessert plans began!  Only this time a whole lot sweeter than I ever imagined.

Fast forward 8 years later as I write this post and have tended to sibling squabbles, dirty diapers, afternoon snacks and a whole lot more.

We’ve changed countries and states.  We’ve had babies and job changes.  We’ve argued with the best of them and extended grace upon grace.  I am so thankful for that MOMENT that changed my life forever in my parents house 8 years ago tonight.

And Trey, in case you ever read this blog (because I know how much you love reading my posts…) I would say YES 1,000 times over.  You are indeed my favorite person, ever!  Thanks for picking me to be your bride!


This is us.  Same weekend, 8 years later…

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