Fall Party

Last Sunday I was wrangling, I mean calmly…putting my kids in the car to leave for church when my son said, “Wait mom wait!”

What is it?  We are going to be late you need to hurry and sit in your seat.

“Look up mom, it’s your favorite, it’s fall!”

Sweet boy. I was rushing and hustling but he was taking it all in.  The crisp morning air.  The blue blue sky.  The leaves blowing around in the wind.  It’s here and we are loving it.  So you can imagine when our pre-school had their Fall party yesterday we were all about it!

We had a great time celebrating a fun season with our new friends in this season.

There were crafts…

And tasty treats for all!


Not to mention fun games too.


Little sister was convinced she was a pre-schooler as well and participated with the best of them.  Although she managed to keep finding her way back to the snack table as well.  Girl knows how to do it right!

And the kids were good sports as mom took 1,001 and one pictures in all of their pumpkin orange.


What a great way to officially welcome in the holiday season!

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