I called my hubby around 10 a.m. on Monday morning.  I was in the car driving two kiddos to the grocery for a “Start the Week off Right Rendezvous.”

I called because I had a question for him about our check book (which I still haven’t resolved three days later, but who is counting?)  After asking him my question he then asks, “So, how has the morning been?”

To which I respond with a list of beautiful words describing our angelic children and the ease of the start of a new day and how thankful I am for this season of our lives and I proceed to tell him the wonderful meal I have planned for the night…

Are you believing any of this?  Me either.

No, instead my response was something like…

“It’s been crazy.  They’ve both had spankings.  I didn’t have time to clean up the kitchen from breakfast.  The noise level of YOUR children is out of this world.  Wait, I think I might have forgotten one at home…”

You get the picture.

But here’s the deal.  Even as I made my laundry list of complaints I began to feel convicted.  A majority of the things I was listing were all things that simply irritated me.  None of them were sinful (okay maybe a few were) or unheard of.  They were simply hiccups along my morning that are to be expected when raising children.  The problem wasn’t my kids, it was me.


You see, there is nothing glamorous about the daily life of a stay at home mom.  The amount of JESUS I need hour by hour to keep from being short tempered or self-centered is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  But instead of walking around listing all the hard things about motherhood, how about focus on the good?

Like this…


This pile of shoes by the door DRIVES.ME.CRAZY.  It’s not clean.  It’s an eye soar.  And it’s always there.

But, it is a sign that my people live here.  The little lives (and the big one!) the Lord has blessed me to love with all my being are HOME and comfortable when the things around me are well…a hot mess.

And I am learning to not want it any other way.

Confession…I may or may not have straightened these shoes up nice and neat for the picture of HOME.  Here’s the unfiltered version:




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