Five Minute Friday: SILENCE

Every Friday I team up with my friends over at Five Minute Friday for a writing prompt.  Five minutes!  No editing.  No overthinking.  Just letting the words flow.  Todays word…


This is not one of my favorite words.

Before having children silence meant loneliness.  As a result of a few moves in a few years, silence was a reminder that things were just a bit “off”, and would take time to feel normal.

Although the seasons have changed, silence is still something that doesn’t feel quite right to me.

More often than not silence is what comes before the screams in another room letting me know another conflict is occurring between two little people that call me momma.

Silence is something we are working through with our daughter as we encourage her to form words.  Nothing makes my heart leap more than hearing her form a new word and break the silence yet again.  I realize there will come a day when I will crave silence and a break from her stories, but today I cannot wait!!

Silence, it’s what I welcome in the evening hours and I hold my breath that it will not be interrupted by a sick child or a bad dream…but it’s quickly interrupted by falling asleep on the couch.

Silence, we don’t see much of you these days, and well…I’m quite alright with that.

Here’s a few examples of my not so silent days from this week alone:


Life with a 3 yr. old ninja.


Dance parties in new boots!


Weeknight bowling in the living room, toilet paper and all!


Roller coaster rides through Target!

Goodbye silence!


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