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I don’t think there is a better post on this “cyber Monday” than a recap to our Thanksgiving weekend!

It is safe to say we did it up right, we began early Wednesday morning traveling to KY.  And mom and I hit up Kroger with a list for not only everything we would need for a Thanksgiving feast, but also food to feed 13+ for 3 days…y’all!!


We spent the actual Thanksgiving day in a bit of a non-traditional way.  Mimi allowed Colby to plan the menu for our Thursday since we were waiting for the rest of the family to arrive for our “official” feast on Friday.  So who doesn’t want to finish up the Macy’s parade with some digorno pizza and Mac-n-cheese???


And our day concluded with a trip to see “The Star!” Because after all, it’s the Christmas season now! (Although I confess we put up our Christmas tree Tuesday night before heading to Ky.  I felt like I was doing something wrong the entire time but it sure made it nice to come home to yesterday!)


The kids really enjoyed the movie.  Riley “talked” through the entire thing and Colby kept asking when the bull was coming on…thank you “Ferdinand” previews for confusing my child.

And I may or may not have been a bit obnoxious about making it to the movies on time.  For some reason I was convinced Thanksgiving day was the busiest movie day of the year, as you can see by the crowd in the background of this picture, it’s not.  Rest assured all those I “rushed” to make it to the movie a bit early were quick to let me know I was wrong.  Oh family, they’ll keep you honest!


The ladies in our family kicked booty when it came to food prep and getting things done this year.  We have never been known for our “promptness” (is that a word?) BUT this was our year!!  We had lists, schedules, and a plan! And a whole lot of fun doing it!


We even had a kids table this year!!!


Whoever came up with this glorious idea deserves a hug!!  The kiddos laughed, pretended to play “p.j. Masks” and they might have actually ate a bite or two in the process.  Does it really matter as long as they’re happy?

Believe it or not, the cousin happiness lasted our entire visit!  Close quarters and 3 year olds can sometimes carry its own set of issues, but not this year…



This year there were pretend puppy dogs, lots of hugs, movie time, and…HAPPY MEALS!!


Our Saturday was spent with the “Ballou” side of the crew and even involved 1 year wedding cake that Mamaw Peggy & Layton shared with us!!


Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds!!

And of course there were more casseroles and turkey…and that beloved kids table!!



Thanksgiving 2017, you did not disappoint!


Dont let the silence of this family photo deceive you, I think we are all taking a bit of a breather on this Monday after!

Shew!  Until next time!


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