What’s on YOUR Wishlist?!


Attention Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and any other “amazingly good must have deals,” I cannot handle you anymore.

You are stressing me out.  You are making me feel like I am behind when it comes to all things Christmas and gift giving.  You are bringing to my attention things I do not even want or need.  Yet somehow slicing prices in half makes me question myself and causes me to want to purchase everything, instantly.  Can we just STOP.

You are messing with the indecisive, people pleasing, surprise gift giving side of me and I cannot handle it.  So starting tomorrow, when the deals are gone and the “shoulda coulda woulda” feelings stop, I’m going to do my Christmas shopping.

I’ve got a list, I have a plan, and it’s going to be good!

What about you???

What has made your Christmas list this year?  I’m not talking the list you have made for family members you need to buy for.  I’m talking your list.

Can I tell you about something I put on my list last year I think you should add to yours?!?!

I was coming up on the first birthday of my second child and feeling a huge desire to get into a routine.  We had just moved to a new state and I was ready to make friends and plug in as quick as possible.  While at the same time I had some baby weight and extreme fatigue that I was just done fighting so I did what anyone would do…

I added “Gym Membership” on the top of my Christmas list!!

Christmas morning I was handed a wad full of cash held tightly together by a sweatband (cute, huh?!)

And for the next month I searched.  I visited the local YMCA.  I toured the mega gym and saw all the high end equipment.  But everywhere I looked I couldn’t get passed a few key things…

  1.  Holy smokes, gym memberships are expensive!!
  2. How am I ever going to find the time to attend as many classes or workout here to make the cost worth it?
  3. Are my kiddos even going to like the childcare??  Will they be sick all the time because I keep dragging them out of the house?
  4. Am I going to have to try to do this at night and miss time when my family could actually all be together…
  5. I am not sure I’d ever actually work to my fullest using equipment with people all around watching me…

And before I continue, this is not me saying gym memberships are bad.  I’m simply sharing my story and my season and the struggle I ran into with last years Christmas gift.

There it is again that “people pleaser” in me having to make sure no one is upset by my own experiences, haha!

So, after several failed attempts I began to feel frustrated.  I was ready for a routine and structure, I needed fitness and nutrition help that would be a win for our pocket book as well as my family.

I remembered before we moved to GA meeting a girl who did some at home workouts through a company called Beachbody.  I had done a trial of these workouts in October and really loved the programs but then life turned upside down with our move and things fell through the cracks.

So with my sweat banded ball of money by my side I reached out to Lauren, “girl from KY who did at home workouts,” and I was amazed to see my gift was more than enough for 1 year!  As we talked I learned about the hundreds of programs with guided workout plans and nutrition…

Routine, check!

I was invited to join monthly challenge groups with like minded ladies who would be working out and setting goals all while encouraging one another.

Community, check!

And I saw before and after pictures from Lauren as well as countless others and I thought, “Whhaaat?!?!”

Lose baby weight, check!

Jan. 19, 2017 I joined my “at-home-gym” and haven’t looked back!  That “random girl” from KY has now become one of my best friends.

Who would’ve thought a request for a gym membership would transpire into a lifestyle change and now even a coaching opportunity?  It has truly become the gift that has kept on giving!

Ladies, instead of asking your family to spend money on a sweater that’s only going to be in style for a short time, or even that other “must have” splurge…

Why not ask for a gift this year that will go way beyond a sparkly red bow or even a sweat band, depending on who is in charge of the wrapping!

Here’s what I bought…


Annual All-Access Beachbody Challenge Pack & Shakeology 

(Did you click the BOLD letters above?  There’s a link with a video telling you all about it!)

At risk of starting to sound like a Cyber Monday deal, I’ll stop here.

Let’s talk!

Email: csalter327@gmail.com

FB or Instagram:  TreyandChelsea Salter




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