Advent Season

The countdown to Christmas is happening!  We have a lot of ways we are tracking the days for this special season.

We have a paper chain hanging on the back of Colby’s bed that we remove a link from every night.  Halfway through the chain is a blue link which is his BIRTHDAY!!!  Every night after he takes off a link he insists on counting the remaining links.  Boys got to plan and make sure he knows what is coming!

I am reading Paul Tripp, “Come Let Us Adore Him,” 25 day advent devotional and it is rocking my socks off.

It is a fresh look on what a HUGE deal the birth of Jesus was/is in our lives.  Today’s reading focused entirely on my sin.  Because it is only when we realize the really bad news that we can truly began to understand how GOOD the news of Jesus’ birth is!


-You should totally check this out if you haven’t already!

And as a family we are going through Ann Voskamps, “Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, A Family Celebration of Christmas.”

In the middle of November several of the momma’s from church did an ornament exchange to prepare for this event.  Every day we read a passage from the Bible as well as from Ann’s book that takes us through the Scripture showing Christ at every turn.  After the reading we have a hand made ornament that corresponds to each days theme.


Before this all begins to sound too perfect and you decide to give me “mom of the year” award here’s a few things you should know…

On our second day I cut the reading short because it was just before nap time and the kiddos were literally melting down and I just wasn’t sanctified enough to deal with it.

We missed our third day (because it was a Sunday, how bad is that!) so Monday we hung two ornaments and once again momma summarized a bit for the sake of attention span.

And today, after lunch the kids were focused, the ornament was hung, and the reading was going well.

We were reading about Abram and the many blessings God planned to do in his life and how Abram was going to be a blessing to others and I asked my 3 (almost 4!) year old to share some of the blessings God had placed in his life.  And without missing a beat he responded,

“I’m blessed by my sister and my loud toots…”


-this picture was taken immediately after the toot comment.  Needless to say it took a minute to reign the conversation back in.

It’s a sweet and often stinky season in our home but I am so thankful for these tiny disciples and the advent season.

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