More to the Story Monday…Christmas Edition

Last week was FULL of festive activities in our home!  Our kiddos are at a sweet sweet age of excitement and imagination!  It truly is a wonderful time of year.  But with every picture you know…there is more to the story!

Not every kid can say that Santa lives down the road from their house.  We can!  A family in our community runs a Santa house for the month of December.  It’s totally FREE and totally worth it.  A large drive in style movie screen is set up in the field while waiting to see Santa.  There is face painting.  A live nativity.  Surprise visits from Mickey & Minnie.  Hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows!


This was our second time to visit the Santa house and I’m definitely thinking we can now call it a tradition.


Riley was not so sure this year.  While she enjoyed all the activities leading up to meeting Santa…the white bearded man was NOT something she appreciated.

Hints why only Colby got his picture with Santa…


We also learned it may be a few more years until we try to go and see the Mouse.


After meeting Santa, why not have pajama day at school???  Wearing the same shirt you wore to meet Santa.  My boy knows what he wants to wear and when.  Even if it still had a hot chocolate stain or two from the night before…

What better way to get in the Christmas spirit than SNOW!  In Georgia, in December!!!


This was no “light dusting” it was 10 inches!!

Colby ran into Riley’s room Friday morning and said “Happy Christmas!!” and I found the blinds looking like this…


This boy LOVES the snow.  I kid you not when I say he asked to go outside 1,000 times before 9 a.m. Friday!



But of course, when one loves it the other not so much…


Why not close off a snowy weekend with a Christmas play???


We knew it would be a stretch to take two littles to a play but we did surprisingly well.  Riley made it through half of the play…with gold fish and a lot of squirming.  Then she spent some quality father daughter time riding the escalators and roaming the halls for the second half.

Colby made it through the entire play!  Not without his fair share of “Can we go home now…” and other sweet things little boys say.  But, we made it!

‘Tis the season of memory making and holiday cheer.  But always remember, to every “perfect picture” is an even better story!

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