Colby Turns 4!!!

From December 13th to January 6th we are CELEBRATING BIRTHDAYS!  Streamers, wrapping paper, and sweat treats are a staple during this “wonderful time of the year.”  We kicked off this month of celebrating with Colby’s 4th birthday yesterday!

I had gone back and forth on having his first “friends” birthday party or if we wanted to keep it small.  With upcoming travel and busy schedules we decided to keep it on the actual day and forego a friend party.  I’m glad I did because last Saturday, when we would’ve had a party, there was 10 inches of snow!  Needless to say, God knew and I’m so glad He spared us from a disappointed 4 year old!  So yesterday was THE DAY!

Colby was greeted by a face full of streamers hanging from his door.  This has become a tradition for Birthdays around our house and we love it!  Daddy was working from home so he was able to whip up a tasty birthday breakfast before it was time to head out the door to pre-school.


Colby shares a birthday with a sweet friend in his class so us momma’s coordinated and were able to treat the class to cupcakes and fruit!  And even share a Christmas story with them.  He loves his pre-school buddies!  It’s so fun to see him coming into his element…as goofy as that element may be…


We left school early for a surprise lunch with Yaya & Dad at Wendy’s.  But the lunch went super quick once he found out what was next…

His big birthday surprise, an afternoon of horse riding!!

One of our students from church has a horse and is awesome with kids!  I asked her a few weeks back if Colby could come ride her horse for a birthday surprise, but let me say, Ms. Emily went above and beyond!

Colby was put to work getting Bruce ready to go ride.


And when it was time to saddle up, Ms. Emily let him ride…


Talk about one EXCITED 4 year old!!

By the end of the ride Colby was hooked.  He was all about giving some love to sweet Bruce.


After all his “hard work” Ms. Emily even had a horse shaped chocolate chip cookie waiting for him! (Y’all, does it get any more sweet?!)


We left the farm with a boy, I mean horse, on cloud 9.  He asked me to call him “Bruce” for the remainder of the afternoon and he affectionately referred to his bedroom as his stall.

Even after all that play good ol’ Bruce, I mean Colby, whoever he is, didn’t nap long.  It was time for dinner and presents!  I love when Colby plans a meal.  His request, pizza!  And not the “healthy kind” that momma makes but the “pizza pizza” kind from Little Cesars!  So Yaya & Pops picked up dinner and it was celebrating and crazy for the remainder of the night!


His gifts ranged from EVERYTHING P.J. Masks! (Thank you Mimi & Poppi!)



Camo and Cowboy boots! (Thank you Yaya & Pops!)

It is SO FUN to see a kid so full of life and so quirky.  He definitely knows what he likes, no questions asked.


And the night concluded with our second tradition…the annual Birthday night questions!  Here’s what this big 4 year old had to say:

Colby, we love getting to celebrate you!  Keep being awesome.

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