Christmas Re-Cap

It’s the day after Christmas…my kiddos are napping and I am plain ol’ beat.

I heard a morning talk show host ask her co-host how they were feeling the day after Christmas and she responded, “relieved.” Am I allowed to confess here that I understood what she was saying?

Don’t get me wrong, we have had and will continue to have, a FABULOUS Christmas holiday.  But something about seeing the long list of to-do’s come to a close is well…relieving.

I’ve baked, I’ve shopped, I’ve cleaned, I’ve traveled…uh oh…am I starting to sound like the little red hen?  We’ve all worked hard this season, so as we take a day or two to catch our breaths before a final Christmas celebration in KY this weekend it only felt right to catch up on some photos and happenings here this afternoon.

Just two days after Colby’s birthday we loaded up and hit the road to spend the week in Mississippi and Louisiana visiting family.  I was pretty apprehensive about the entire thing.  Road trips with kids as well as unfamiliar sleeping quarters can be…eventful.

But with all hands on board we managed to have a more than wonderful trip!

There were surprise visits with Santa!


Keeping totally honest here, I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the man in the red suite.  Telling my 4 year old that a man is going to come into our home while we are asleep and that’s okay just seems a bit off to me.  But I certainly don’t want to have my child be the one who tells all the other’s Santa isn’t real…who knows???

Here’s the part where I welcome any feedback on how you do “Santa” in your home.  Maybe we should discuss this in the Spring??

Our kiddos LOVED all the attention they received from family over the week.  The comment, “It’s a good thing we don’t live closer or these kids would be spoiled…” was said on MULTIPLE occasions and it could not have been more true!!






It’s safe to say the Salter men were in their happy place at the family farm!


There were daily, sometimes hourly, motorcycle rides through the fields.


Hay rides galore…



And a whole lot of eating in between!

We even made it into the city one night for some Christmas lights by the river!!


It was the closest our family has come to “camping” as we all stayed together in a bunk house attached to the farm.  I might not have slept through the night while we were gone due to 4 year olds needing to potty or trying to keep a little sister quiet as she’d stir in the middle of the night, but by the last night we were all still smiling!  I definitely consider that a win.


And we made it home just in time to celebrate Christmas day in our own beds…I mean house!


“O Come let us adore Him Christ the Lord…”

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