Chip Gaines?

During our trip to KY last weekend my hubby was busy and I mean BUSY!

He has kept quite a full work load over the last several weeks so when we left for the weekend and I didn’t hear too much from him I just assumed he was working.  It wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that I began to get suspicious.

He called to “check in” and was walking into Lowe’s…

I am a far cry from a “handy girl” or a “diy’er” but in my 7 years of marriage I have learned when the hubby goes to Lowe’s good things follow.

I was thinking little projects.  You know…a new porch swing?  (Which even that would’ve been a BIG surprise.)  But he did it.  He out did himself this time.

When he called me and told me he was going to leave work a bit early to be home when we arrived the excitement increased!

What did he do you ask…

Downstairs.  The entire downstairs.  He removed carpet and flooring and did this…





Chip Gaines who?  Just kidding, I love Fixer Upper, and while I love Chip & Jo I am glad I get to have my very own handy man!

He totally outdid himself this time.  And I was TOTALLY surprised!

So were our kiddos!  Colby yelled, “Wow, a new house!!” when we walked in the front door.  When we said it was the same house he said, “Did dad pick our house up and move it?” Haha!


(Like father like son, handy man in the making as he helps clean our “new house”)

I am one LUCKY GAL.  It’s in moments like these I am reminded how much my husband get me.  A torn apart home for the sake of a project is like my worst nightmare, so to send me away and work his tail off is HUGE.  But my favorite part?

He added cushion under our rug in the living room because he knows that as a mom of littles I live on the floor so he made it feel just.right.

Trey Salter, you are my FAVORITE.  Thanks for spoiling me. (And of course a big thank you to my father-in-love who spent his fair share laboring through the weekend as well.)

Now, maybe the kids and I travel to KY every weekend?  I could get used to these surprises 😉

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“I Love My Family”

I picked up a mighty proud pre-schooler in the car pool line yesterday.  As he hopped into the car he announced, “Momma, I made a picture of you as an exercise girl!”

He did what?

He continued to tell me all about his special craft he had in his bag to share with me when we got out of the car.

And y’all was it special…

So special I considered it blog worthy because I do not want to lose this lil’ gem.  It’s incredible the things you will discover when you look at life through the eyes of a 3 year old…


May I present to you, our family:


And a few key phrases this momma heart doesn’t want to forget years down the road.

“Dad is working hard at the church”

“I am eating a carrott, look at my sharp tooth!”

“Riley only has one pony tail…”

“Mom is an exercise girl, look at her pumping her arms!”

Out of the mouths of babes.  Thank you Colby for keeping us in check and keeping us laughing!

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This past weekend the kiddos and I loaded up and took off to KY to kick off Fall Break for my mom’s school.  It was the perfect combination of all things fall, family, and rest.  We missed Trey, as he was busy at home…more on that in the next post.  But here are some highlights of our time in KY!

We arrived Friday afternoon.  After a LONG drive of ZERO naps I welcomed all hands on board as we spent time with family and had a not so quiet first supper at Mimi & Poppi’s.

Saturday morning it was off to the Pumpkin Patch!  This was no small farm, they had everything from pony rides…


Colby picked the biggest horse and Riley rode for the first time!


To milkin’ cows…


And other animals that placed my farm loving boy over the moon!



Because who doesn’t expect to see bulls and camels at the pumpkin patch?  Did I mention they had a kangaroo and turkey’s too?!

Colby led the way through the corn maze.  He was our brave explorer.


We jumped in the bounce house.  Ate cotton candy.  Slid down a slide on potato sacks. AND went on a hay ride to pick pumpkins.



Needless to say we were all WORN.OUT. after a full morning of activity so we settled in for “naps” (okay let’s be honest, the kids hardly nap when we visit Mimi & Poppi, I think they are too scared they will miss something.)

So maybe I should say after attempting naps, we topped off a perfect Saturday with dinner at Cracker Barrel.  It’s just what you do when you go to KY.  Just ask Colby, his exact words as we were discussing our trip to KY, “Oh mom, you know what this means, we get to eat at Cracker Barrel!”

Sunday is for church visits and lunch with Mamaw Peggy & Layton.  Two of my personal favorites.  Not to mention an impromptu photo shoot in between…



Monday morning was the first crispness of fall and Poppi & Colby attempted a fishing excursion.  However, without any worms and an impatient 3 year old, the end result was a missing hook apparently taken away by a “LARGE BLUE GILL.”  Fishermen and their stories…


The afternoon concluded with a trip down memory lane as Papaw got my Mom’s car from childhood up and running… 50+ years later…


My mom’s face in this picture sums up the entire experience.


Let’s just say there was one speed, FAST.

After several speedy laps around the yard and a few vehicles dodged the ride was over.  You know what they say, all good things must come to an end.


Tuesday afternoon we were back on the road heading to our house in GA.  I am so thankful for time well spent and memories made.  Until next time KY!

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More to the Story Monday


Quiet is not a word I would use to describe my current season, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Over the last few months I have watched Colby come to life in the world of creativity and imagination.  I’m convinced he is the smartest kid around, and I’m not biased.  Here are a few of our not so quiet moments over the last week or so with a bit more to the story I want to remember:


We are ALL THINGS ANIMAL right now.  We created an icy river one afternoon for the animals to explore.  It was a huge hit but I learned a valuable lesson…


There is a HUGE difference between using water colors to tent the water vs food coloring…I used food coloring.  At first I was afraid their little fingers were turning blue from being so cold in the ice, only to find out  they were stained them from the food coloring, HA!



Paint in a bag!!!  This little project is AMAZING.  No mess.  Easy to get together.  And keeps their attention for a long time.


But the rest of the story is I may have enjoyed this more than the kids.  Can you say therapy?  I had to make my own bag because I didn’t want to share.



When working on fine motor skills it’s probably best to use fruit instead of marshmallows.  After a few minutes in, the building stopped, and the marshmallows had disappeared!  Out came the grapes and the shape making continued.



I found a fun game at a yard sale for $1 that I knew would be the PERFECT game for us.  The game itself was a hit!  Although, I should have taken a picture at the beginning because when the 3 yr. old see’s he has lost the “picturesque” game night photo goes down the drain…

In the words of my dad, “You can cry if you win or cry if you’re hurt, but you don’t cry when you lose.”  We’ve got some work to do.



And in the spirit of yard sales, this awesome cash register has been added to our family fun!  It has also carried with it some hilarious one liners!

“Hi, I’m shopping for my kids Jr. & Bob the Builder, their mom is at home taking care of them…”

“Nice chatting with you, catch you next time!”

“This costs 40, 20, and 3…”

And now Riley is not allowed to get out any toys with out first paying for them.  Let’s just say I don’t think she completely agrees with this new system.

And that’s the rest of the story…

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Happy Fall Y’all!

Nothing says “Welcome Fall…” more than a hayride and pumpkin pickin’.

Today at pre-school my little man got to experience that very thing.  And the best part, we didn’t even have to travel to make it to the farm, it came to us.

Each class was given an hour in the back field of the church to go on a hayride, pick the perfect size pumpkins, and enjoy a fall treat of apple juice and candy corn.  Does it get any better?

It took a bit of planning (special shout out to my father-in-law who had some special time with my daughter!) in order for me to get to join Colby on this day but I am so glad it worked out.

He was so proud to show me his room, introduce me to his friends, and have a “special adventure” just the two of us!


I loved watching Colby search for the “perfect pumpkin”.  His goal was to find the BIGGEST one.  Why am I not surprised?


As we were leaving he told me how happy he was that I got to come to his school today and he made sure to let me know I could do that everyday if I would like.  (Y’all…I can’t even handle it!)

And you better believe this little, I mean BIG, pumpkin found it’s spot on our front porch as soon as we got home.  Now to work on getting Daddy to take us to another pumpkin patch so we can find a few for the whole family…

Happy Fall Y’all!

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