Words of Wisdom from the BIG Bro


Hey sister!  It’s your big brother Colby here.  Last weekend mom and dad dressed me up for Halloween to do some candy gathering at the zoo with some of our friends.  I dressed up like an old man…

With such an extreme jump in age over night, I also took an extreme jump in wisdom.

I may not be rocking a mustache just yet (I mean I’m not even 2 years old!)  But I have learned a few things I thought I would share with you to help you out before you get here.  After all, I have learned a few things in my 22 months.

1.  Snuggles are the best-  Mom and Dad love to kiss and hug (each other and me!)  Some of our best times are when I sit between them on the couch all covered up and watch t.v.  It has taken me a while to learn to be still and enjoy this time, and some days I still struggle.  But I think you are really going to love it!

2.  Watch out for the green stuff-  Mom keeps talking about milk and bottles for you, so I think it may be a while before you get to have any real food in your belly.  But when you do, watch out for the green stuff.  I tend to prefer COOKIES!  Ask for them all the time and eventually they will give you some.  They are so good.

3.  Mom & Dad need their sleep-  This has been hard for me to learn.  I am an active kid.  I like to nap quickly and wake up in the night sometimes.  It has taken me a loooong time to get passed some “poor sleep patterns.”  While I still do not think I require that much rest, mom and dad seem to think otherwise and have stayed consistent.  So, take it from me, the quicker you learn to sleep, the happier everyone will be.

4.  Nurseries and Babysitters are our friends-  Okay, I don’t really believe this.  But, by the time you are born I hope to understand it a little bit more.  I’m your big brother and you need me to be brave.  There isn’t anything too scary about being left in the church nursery or having a babysitter come to the house.  But, sometimes I just forget this and cry…a lot…and I really miss mom and dad.  But, they always come back.  So, maybe if I start to be brave, you won’t have to ever be afraid of these things.

5.  There is no such thing as too many books-  Books are the best!  I cannot wait to read to you all the time.  My favorite books are all about animals and cars and trucks.  I have been practicing all kinds of animal noises to teach you.  And when we ride in the car together I will show you were all the tractors and cow fields are.  It’s incredible.

6.  Laugh, laugh a lot-  I am not going to lie sister, I am a very happy kid.  I love smiling.  I love being silly.  I love making others laugh.  Will you join me?  I don’t know if anyone is ready for what you and I can accomplish together.

You are making mom’s belly so big!  I know you are in there and I give you kisses and talk about you all the time.


You’re room is getting ready for you too.  I love your bed, but mom won’t let me climb into it.  Maybe when you’re bigger we can have slumber parties together?

There’s just too much to teach you, but I am ready!

When are you going to get here?

Over and Out!

Colbster 😉


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Double Success


May I have your attention please!  As I continue to work through my, “One book a month for 2015” resolution, I am pleased to announce September was a success.  I could even called it a double success.  I did not read one book for September, but two!  (You do not have to hold your applause for the end, clap away!)  My September was not full of a lot of down time, but instead it was full of two very good reads.

Do you want to know what I read?

The Early Years, Rachel G. Carrington


I had been anticipating the release of this book for quite some time.  I will admit I may be a bit biased, I knew I would love the author before I even began.  You see, she happens to be family.  This beautiful love story is a memoir written by my Granny’s oldest sister.

love a good real life story about real life people.  As I read the pages of this memoir it was as if “Rachel” handed me all of her journals through her early years of life up through the start of motherhood and said “read away…”

As I read about her childhood I felt like I was getting an in depth look at the life my Granny (who has now gone home to be with the Lord) lived.  “Rachel” has a love story like none I have ever heard with many twists along the way.  Her “journal style” writing made it feel like she was spending the day in my home recounting the highs and lows of all the Lord had in store for her.

Do you want to take a sneak peek into someones journal and not feel guilty?  Pick this book up today and enjoy the journey.

I also began a new fiction series recommended by a “reader friend” of mine (Thanks Breanna!)

Candle in the Darkness, Lynn Austin


This was my first book written by Lynn Austin.  It is the first book in a series of three, Refiners Fire.  I knew I wanted a good fiction read to lose myself in and asked Breanna what she would recommend.  She instantly pulled out Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin.  My first thought…

It looked super thick (400+ pages) and it was about the Civil War (I struggle with history).  But you know what they say, never judge a book by it’s cover.  So I took her advice and began to read.

I was hooked from the first chapter!

The story begins with a young girl named Caroline as she grows up on a plantation where her father owns several slaves.  But, Caroline, views the slaves her father owns as more family than her own parents.  And so the uncertainty begins…

The pages are full of Caroline’s journey as she grows in her relationship with the Lord and seeks to be obedient to His commands in a world of confusion and uncertainty.  It was a true joy to journey with Caroline and by the end of the book I felt as though we were life long friends.

And the whole 400+ page thing, I wished there were more!  Hints why I cannot wait to begin book #2 tonight…Fire by Night, Lynn Austin.  (Check back at the end of this month for an update).

There you have it, two fabulous books easily read and enjoyed, what are you waiting for?  Pick one and start reading!


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Humble Pie & Scrubbing Toilets


I’m not sure if you have been counting, but my last post happened on October 5th.  4 days later, here we are.  A brief relapse in my 31 Days of blogging endeavor.  I knew last week when I started these posts it would be hard to keep up, but this week has been especially difficult.

I’ve taken Colby to the doctor twice, had inconsistent nap hours (my blogging time), lost electricity (no computer/internet), and had a few “hormonal hiccups” (pregnancy woes where the brain shuts down before 9 p.m.).  So as I write this afternoon, I feel like I am eating a piece of humble pie in front of you.

This life on purpose points out some weakness along the way.

As I eat my humble pie, I have decided to no longer try to post daily in October.  But, my brain waves are still working overtime on the theme, life on purpose, and GOOD THINGS are happening in our home and my heart as a result.

So I will continue to write, just not daily. (Pie finished.)

In fact, as a result of the idea of life on purpose, I am proud to announce I have officially started and completed a new cleaning/cooking schedule this week!

My housekeeping and pantry filling had been a tad non-existent over the last few weeks.  So much so that I had unintentionally quit trying because I felt defeated from the start.  Have you been there?

Last weekend I wrote out a plan, a slightly revised version of this cleaning list:


(Here is a the link to this list in case it’s too small: Cleaning Calendar.  I had to add laundry to a few more days, and I added in my grocery days & list making)

It has been so helpful for me to physically see the task that needed to be accomplished for the day and plan, on purpose, to complete it.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed and needing to do all my deep cleaning in one afternoon, I spread it out through the week.  Can I brag a minute?

Our house feels awesome right now.  Bathrooms are clean, counters wiped, no dishes in the sink, etc.  Not because I’m super woman (remember that whole humble pie thing that started this post?).  But, because I am seeking to be disciplined in the little daily steps.

It’s a far more pleasant environment for all of us.  I am not frazzled and feeling like i’m failing.  I am learning my overall attitude about the day plays a huge role in how our family functions when we are together at the end of the day.  If a little “schedule” and “routine” helps me promote a better home environment that we all enjoy, I’m game.

It’s not a picture perfect, magazine style home I desire.  But, if living on purpose and planning a cleaning schedule makes our home a more pleasant place to be…you better believe I am going to be scrubbing some toilets again next week!

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Ride Pony B!- Day 5


Life on Purpose.  Today was going to be a good day.  After a weekend of hosting retreats here at camp, my man had the day off.  This purpose focused momma was excited about the hours that the day held.  I had a plan…a plan I was ready to see executed.  A plan that changed drastically.

One thing I am learning is adult life is hard.  It’s a lot less carefree time and a lot more tasks and projects.  I am slowly starting to see why growing up my mom instituted “mandatory fun,” sometimes you just have to put it on the calendar and do it.  Our plan was to visit a local pumpkin patch, do lunch, and maybe run a few errands this afternoon.

Instead we ended up at the grocery, missing important cards, eating lunch at Arby’s while dad had to run some unfortunate extra errands, and pushing a kid through the outlet mall in tears and heat.

Are you confused yet?  I am too.

When I thought about what this post would say a few days ago, I envisioned cute fall pictures in pumpkin patches and lots of mushy gushy sayings about how great time is with our family.  But, it seems the Lord had some different things I needed to focus on today…

Things like, making the best of time when we get to have Trey around even if it means a few hiccups along the way.  Sweet moments happen, even when you are tired and frustrated because plans have changed, you just have to look for them.  Sometimes you just have to dig deep for patience, and a few tears along the way are okay, because family is forever.

I could not help but smile when I looked through a few picture worthy moments we did manage to capture on our family day out today…


Colby rode his first “mall horse” today and loved it.

I laughed out loud when I pulled this picture up on my phone tonight because it reminded me of a story I heard this summer.

I had the opportunity to see Beth Moore in Cincinnati this June.  During one of her sessions she shared a story from her husbands childhood.  He was no older than 8, riding a pony (Pony B was his name) that belonged to a family member. Out of nowhere, Pony B decided it was time to run.  Beth’s husband held on tight as friends and family chased after him and the pony.  Not long into the chase everyone realized there was no stopping Pony B…he was just going to have to hang on tight and ride!

All of the onlookers began to shout, “Ride Pony B, ride Pony B!!!”

Eventually the pony slowed down and her husband was safe.  But boy did he have a story to tell.

Nothing happened on purpose (my purpose anyway) today.  But nothing that happened today was an accident or surprise to the Lord.  Just another opportunity for me to seek Him in the everyday moments and…




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26 Weeks! Day 4


Life on Purpose.  My sweet girl, we have made it to the 26 week mark today!  Did you know, you are the size of a head of lettuce?  That’s big!  You could even weigh up to 2.5 pounds at this point.  You are definitely making yourself known in our world, no doubt about it.

You move so much, and now when you move, you can see the movements from the outside of my belly.  Not going to lie, it’s a little strange, but more exciting than strange.  You are also making it hard for me to get comfortable.  I don’t remember your brother making me feel so “pregnant” when he was only 26 weeks.  Between the two of you, sleep for momma is quick and interrupted…as I’m thinking it will be for the next 18 years or more.

I read this week that your face has now fully developed into what you will look like when you are born.

Your eye lashes, nose, lips, and ears are all ready to be adored by us!  What are you going to look like?

I see sweet and engaging eyes that will always be ready for a good heart to heart.  I see firm but soft lips that will have to choose their words wisely and learn to speak words that build others up and not tear others down.  I see ears ready to hear and take in all the lessons this world has to offer.  I see beauty.

I want to teach you, from the very beginning, that you are made in the image of God.  That as you learn who God is and begin a relationship with Him, that is when your beauty will shine!

I do not want you to look like all the other girls around you.  I want you to stand out, on purpose.  I want people to say, “There is something different about Callie…”

Can I tell you, this will be hard.

You will probably struggle with your body image.  Maybe you’ll feel too tall or too short.  Maybe you will have hair you wish was straight or eyes you wish were brown.

You know what sweet girl?

We all have things we wish we could change.  But these outward appearances, they are fleeting.  Man looks at our outward appearance, but God sees our hearts.

I want to purposefully teach you to check your heart over your appearance.  I want to teach you to find your identity in whose you are instead of how you look or perform.  As I set in my mind to teach you these things, I know I need to continue to learn them myself.

As I think about how the Lord is knitting  you together this very moment, I thank Him for knitting me together as well.

He has made you my daughter, His child, on purpose and I cannot wait to SEE His precious design in you one day very soon!

And…in case you wonder what your mom looked like at 26 weeks, carrying you around, my little head of lettuce…this ones for you:


I Love You!


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