More to the Story Mondays…

It was baby dedication at our church Sunday morning.  The day where parents dress their best, pray that kiddos are on their best behavior, and stand before their church family committing to shepherd the children God has given them to the best of their ability and asking their church family to join them in this call.

We did it, we smiled, we stood proud with the two little lives God has given us, and we have a wonderful picture to show for it…


But as I’m sure you know, there is more to the story…

You see, this baby dedication was a BIG deal to my mommas heart.  In my almost 4 years of being a mom our family has not been in a season of life where we had the opportunity to participate in dedicating our children to the Lord before our church family.  Please do not misunderstand, we have been a part of some very special churches and have countless individuals who love our crew and have joined us on this journey, but due to moves and other “events” this public dedication was a first for us.

Instead of standing before the church with a newborn and wondering what the next years of motherhood may hold, I stood with an almost 4 and 2 year old well aware…

You see, just a few hours before our baby dedication we had QUITE the Saturday.  We had crazy kids, temper tantrums, some less than patient moments, and tears.  It was not until Saturday night as I was thinking about all our day held I told Trey,

“You know why this day has been so crazy?  It’s God’s way of reminding us how much we need HIM and others who love HIM to help us on this parenting journey…”

We laughed at the irony of quite a “day” only hours before we stood before our home church presenting our children, and ourselves to them.  Asking for help, encouragement, and guidance.

You see, the picture shows a sweet young couple and two cute kids.  When in reality it’s really a picture of two fallen people deeply in love with their Savior depending on Him for each next step, thankful to not have to be perfect at this whole parenting thing.

And that’s the rest of the story.

Thank you Mt. Zion for committing to come alongside our family.  We look forward to growing alongside you in the years to come.

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Five Minute Friday- DEPEND

Every Friday I team up with my friends over at Five Minute Friday for a writing prompt.  Five minutes!  No editing.  No overthinking.  Just letting the words flow.  Todays word…


I’ve got a mom pooch.  Yes you read that right.

The pooch in the center of the stomach region that sticks out a bit too far when relaxed, full, or when I’m simply not paying attention.  You know the one.

I’ve started noticing this pooch a bit too often over the last month or so.  You see, my kiddos are growing.  I’m almost two years since having my last child.  I’ve been working out more and eating better over the last 9 months than in my entire life.

(NOT in an effort to lose weight, but experiencing freedom in healthy lifestyle…I digress…)

One would think with all the “good” things I’m doing and doing it consistently this whole pooch thing would be a thing of the past.  But do you know what I’m learning?

My kiddos DEPEND on my mom pooch.

It’s the perfect pillow for relaxing on the couch.  It’s the best “shelf” to sit on while I carry my 30+ pound almost two year old around throughout the day.

FullSizeRender (7)

And it stretches and shrinks just enough to stay ready for another baby if the Lord see’s fit somewhere in the future (NOT an announcement!!)

When I workout each morning my eyes struggle at times to look past the pooch.  But when I realize this pooch is a reminder of my kids DEPENDENCE on me and the Lords provision I see beauty in a body He has strengthened and designed for His purposes.  I see an instrument in the hands of THE Creator instead of an ornament to be on display to critiques and opinions of others.

Embrace the pooch mommas, your kiddos DEPEND on it.

(I should probably say as my kiddos grow and I continue to workout if said “pooch” decides to take a turn and disappear you probably won’t hear me complain, just sayin’!)

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More to the Story Mondays

Because sometimes in this social media driven world we only see the highlight reel of someones day.  We see the silver lining and without realizing it our day that was going pretty well seems to lose it’s beauty because it’s not as enjoyable to look at as the quick glimpse we receive of someone else’s.

I’m fearful that the same thing may happen to me on this blog.  I will write about all the pretty moments of marriage and motherhood and somewhere down the road I will look back at these posts and say…”if only I could go back…those were the days…”

When in reality these days have their own moments as well.

So in the age of silver lining,  let’s not forget to show that there is ALWAYS more to the story.

I received a free t-shirt in the mail this weekend for completing a workout program through Beachbody.  Who doesn’t love a free shirt?!  So I did what any girl would do…I painted my nails to match, fixed up my hair, and took a selfie!

FullSizeRender (6)

More to the Story…

What this picture doesn’t show is that I was in a hurry to take the picture before running errands with my two kiddos because we all know your perfectly styled hair goes out the window the second you hit the great out doors in the beautiful state of GA!

This picture also blocks the noises on the other side of the door as my 3 year old leads a herd of toy animals across the bathroom floor. It doesn’t show me holding my breath waiting for the “uh oh” of whatever accident is about to follow…

And last but not least, the picture doesn’t show the tiny toes and sticky fingers of my 19 month old as she hides behind the mirror that I am attempting to take said “selfie” in front of.


And that’s the rest of the story.

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SUPER Saturday

Sometimes the unexpected happens.  Sometimes you meet a friend in a small group Bible study.  You friend her on Facebook and discover you share similar interests with health & fitness.  Sometimes you move to a new state and things get a bit crazy in life.  You make a new years resolution to improve in your health and fitness and remember your friend from KY and reach out to her about what she does for at home fitness…

Sometimes this friend becomes your Beachbody coach.  After experiencing awesome results, accountability, and excitement over an incredible company you decide to become a coach and invest in others and share this incredible journey together. Sometimes your friend, who you haven’t seen in a year…and even at that had only just started getting to know her comes to spend the weekend with you for one SUPER Saturday…

Backpacks packed and kiddos taken care of…these two mommas were ready for a day of training, workouts, and fun!


We sat under teaching of top coaches and like-minded ladies!


We sampled incredible nutrition packed shakes!


And we might have chased it down with a donut hole or two…just keepin’ it real!


I had a fan girl moment getting to see Super Trainer Chris Downing!  Chris shared his passion for people and the platform he has received through Beachbody.


Over the past 9 weeks the hubs and I have faithfully completed Chris’s program, Shift Shop!  We have LOVED the program and feel stronger than ever.  So you can imagine I was a TAD excited at the thought of participating in a LIVE workout with a trainer we had only seen through the screen.

That opportunity came this afternoon when we were led in a group workout by CHRIS alongside 100+ coaches…


There was sweat, jumping around, and squats…150+ squats (not.even.kidding.!)

Sometimes (okay all the time…) God is good and is full of awesome surprises in this little thing called life.


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Five Minute Friday- Accept

Every Friday I team up with my friends over at Five Minute Friday for a writing prompt.  Five minutes!  No editing.  No overthinking.  Just letting the words flow.  Todays word…


My fitness and nutrition accountability group committed to reading “Made to Crave” by Lysa Terkeurst for the month of September.


Over the past 20 ish days I have read 19 chapters of an incredible book that has challenged me to take a deeper look at my eating habits and lifestyle.  I just turned the last page of the book this afternoon.

It has been a very freeing month as I have partnered up with a team of ladies and asked the hard questions.  Am I turning to food as comfort when I should be turning to God?  Am I capable of saying “no”?  Should I just accept where I am on this health and fitness journey?

This was actually my second time to read “Made to Crave”, but reading it today as a mom and now health & fitness coach brought an entirely new perspective.  Our cravings point to SO.MUCH.MORE than just a desire for a cold coke or a piece of cake.

This year I committed to going deeper in my health and fitness journey, I had no idea it would take me deeper in my walk with the Lord as well.  My biggest take away from this read?  Sustained discipline…there is freedom in daily surrender and because of Christ I do not have to ACCEPT feeling stuck.

(This book is TOTALLY worth the read.  Grab a friend or two and get ready for an incredibly rewarding journey!)

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