Remember Your Calling

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of being a stay-at-home mom.  I looked forward to play dates, preparing meals, sticky fingers, bath times, and all that caring for littles involved.  I would watch other moms and look forward to the day that I would have a little one call me “momma” and want to sit in my lap.  And then it happened.

And over the last 3 years my dream of motherhood has become a reality.  And like most things in life, reality is a lot different than our dreams.

A few weeks ago I was in a conversation with a close girlfriend.  One of those, speak truth to you girlfriends, even when you didn’t realize you need it.  We were in the middle of the, “I’m a stay-at-home mom but wonder if I should be doing more…” conversations.  If you are a SAHM, you know the ones.  We had both recently moved states and were in the process of settling in.  As we were discussing our “new normals” my friend said,

“I have to remember, just because my location has changed does not mean my calling has…”

I don’t think she realized how much this truth ran all through me.  You see, in the midst of a location change, even a change of seasons, this momma has needed to remember her calling.

I have needed to remember that in the midst of what seems long days full of menial tasks, that these are the most meaningful tasks!

I have needed to remember that at times when it feels like all other mommas are out in the “real world” and I’m “just at home” that this is my calling.

I have to remember that the days may pass slowly but the years will pass quickly.

In an effort to EMBRACE 2017 I am learning to embrace my days as a stay-at-home mom too.  I spend 24/7 with two little humans who are quite incredible!  My 3 year old is soaking up everything, we have real conversations (constantly) and he is so much fun!  My 1 year old has never met a stranger and her love for others and life is contagious!


I want to make the most of my days with these sweet babies.

A few months ago my Mother-in-love gave me “A Year of Playing Skillfully”-a curriculum designed for intentional time with my kiddos.  I have waited a bit to dive into this resource while our life has “settled” down.  I spent the majority of my day today digging into this gem!


Talk about an afternoon of perspective change!

So often I lose my joy in my calling as mom because I am overwhelmed by tasks.  I am overwhelmed by the constant needs that I have forgotten to stop and enjoy my kids.  I hope to change that this month.  And it started today…


Look up in the midst of it mommas, remember your calling!

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A Weekend in La La Land

When a friend sends you a text saying she would like to come see you and love on your family, you say COME ON, and have a great weekend.

Girlfriends and special visits are pretty much the best.


Our weekend consisted of sunshine walks, shopping, and dinner & a movie…

What movie?  I’m glad you asked.

La La Land!!!!


Have you seen it?

I had wanted to see the movie for a while now but I knew it might not be a favorite for Trey…so when a girlfriend comes to town and it happens to still be playing in theatres, you better believe I jumped on the opportunity.

Y’all…we loved it!

It had been quite a while since I was genuinely entertained by a movie.  It was engaging.  Refreshing.  Fun.  All the feels.  And in the midst of being a musical, it was real.  For a little more than 2 hours I was completely captivated by the magic of the big screen and honestly thankful for the journey we took with the two main characters.

See what I’m saying?  Doesn’t happen much in the movies these days.  And you better believe I am listening to the soundtrack online as I write this post.  (Mamaw Peggy, I hope you have seen it!)

Now…how many days until it comes out on DVD?

In the midst of our outings Julia still had plenty of time to love on our babies as well:


Ms. Julia, thanks for a great visit!  Please come back again!


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Fly By February


I realize February has fewer days than other months, but seriously, where did it go?!  Here are a few places our days went this month…



Winter days call for a lot of time within the four walls of our home.  So with two littles that means a lot of close quarters!  I’m going to choose to describe this as snuggles, because that is what I know I will remember when I look back on these days.  Even if most days it feels like wallering…squirming…and lots of tugging.

Snuggles, that’s what we’ll call it.


Domestic Duties


My two partners in crime travel with me everywhere.  They bring smiles from others and they keep me hoppin’.

They are definitely turning into a brother-sister team.  They are learning to pester one second and then laugh uncontrollably the next.  Colby loves a schedule and always begins his day asking me what all we are going to do in the day.  And Riley, she loves people, so as long as we are together she is happy.



We are diving in and creating our home in GA.  This means new play dates with new friends we hope will one day be old friends.  It also has included a few face to face visits with old friends who now live 2 hours from us!  It’s not always easy and it takes intentionality, but it’s always worth it.



Our Yaya celebrated a birthday this month!  She’s a smart lady, that Yaya, she believes in birthday months & not simply days.  I think we all could learn a thing or two from this wise lady…



We can’t let February pass without  noting it as Riley’s first Valentines Day!  Colby loved the day and kept calling it “Happy New Years Day!”.  Trey and I got a date night to the Cheesecake factory and you better believe our home had it’s share of sparkly hearts and red roses.

In short, February swooped in and now it’s swooping out!

We are holding on tight to these days and to the moments that make them.


Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom…Psalm 90:12

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I’m a sucker for a feel good inspirational story.  I fall hook line and sinker for anything “transformation” and “amazing results” that you find on t.v. or social media.  Want to see amazing makeovers done to members in the studio audience? SURE!  Want to watch someone start at 300 lbs and end up at 150 lbs?  SURE!  Want to see your favorite celebrity as a baby? SURE!

Okay, you get the picture.

I love a good story.  I love seeing people improve.  I love knowing that change is possible.  Today I decided I would share a bit of my own transformation story.

From Jan. 10 to Feb. 21 (just a little more than two months)

– 8 lbs lost (This is 25 lbs less than what I weighed in college & 10 lbs less than my wedding day!)

-3.5 inches around the waist (bye bye pregnant pooch)

-Tone and definition in the arms and legs (muscles baby!)

Here is my “as seen on t.v.” results photo:


My “skinny day jeans” have become my everyday jeans.  My afternoon crash times when my babies nap have been replaced with energy to accomplish other tasks.  My desire for all things carb & chocolate has faded (not gone completely, let’s not get crazy) and has been replaced with a desire for foods that fuel.

Over the past 2 months I have made commitments and accepted challenges I never thought possible.  I have tried exercises and prepared meals that “super healthy, super organized, super strong, super ____ (insert all things I am not)” people do.

I have seen my kids and husband take note of what I am doing and encourage me and join me in the process!  And I have thought of you.

I have thought of the college girl who is crazy busy and hasn’t had a green vegetable in months and wonders why she feels so crummy.

I have thought of the bride to be who just wants to feel confident and the best she can be on her special day.

I have thought of the young mom who is tired of being tired.

I have thought of the mom to teenagers who wants to be able to keep up with her kids.

I have thought of the grandmother who has her best years ahead and so much to pour into those around her.

The weight loss has been great.  The skinny jean days are super fun.  But the care I am giving to my body, the temple the Lord has given me and CALLED me to care for, has brought conviction.  It has brought a desire to help others who have just felt “stuck” or “not capable” for a long time.

I struggle to think of how to end this post because I want you to know this is not a sales pitch.  Instead it is my way of saying I am in the process of transforming…would you celebrate a bit with me today?

And also, would you join me?

March 6th I will start a challenge group for like minded ladies (all online).  We will commit to fitness, nutrition, and spiritual growth.  We will do it together.  Shoot me an e-mail: or fb message if you’d like more information.

I want to share your transformation story here soon!

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done…

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How Bout them Falcons


I’ve been a GA peach for about 4 months now.  Who knew we’d move to GA just in time for the Atlanta Falcons (my NFL team now) to play in the Superbowl!  I have always been a fan of the Superbowl, but it will probably come as no surprise that I enjoy the Superbowl for reasons besides the actual sport of football.

I love the Superbowl because I am all about any reason to have a get together.  My FOMO (fear of missing out) self loves nothing more than to have people over or go to someones house, just for fun!  I love the commercials of Superbowl, most of the time.  I love the touchdown celebrations and the energy from the crowd.  And I love the food of Superbowl.  Y’all…

Cheeses, meats, and chocolates…oh my!

But something happened this year.  Something that junk food lovin’ Chelsea had never experienced before.  You see, I dove all in ready to embrace this lovely junk food weekend, and my body didn’t like it.

At the close of an eventful game, where *spoiler alert* the Atlanta Falcons did not win, I found myself in bed with a killer headache.  A headache from a sugar rush and over indulgence that was not welcomed by my body.

Did I mention this has never happened to me before?  Normally when my body crashes or hurts it’s from a need of sweets (carbs, junk, etc.)  not from an overload of sugar!

But do you want to know the craziest part?

I have never enjoyed a headache more in my life!  It hurt, don’t get me wrong.  But it communicated something much bigger.

My body is changing!

In this 2017 year I’ve committed to improving my physical health through fitness and nutrition.  And it’s happening!  The terrible headache of Superbowl 2017 is proof!  As I wished away the throbbing headache I couldn’t help but be thankful all at the same time.

Our bodies are incredible gifts!  It blows my mind when I think about how intricately designed we are by our Creator.  Our bodies are to be fueled to make much of Him, not harmed by our poor choices.  The past month of giving more attention to how I am caring for this temple of the Lord has not been without its challenges.

I’ve had successes and failures.  But you, oh sweet headache of Superbowl 2017, you have helped me see the successes are outweighing the fails.

So, in the nicest way possible I say, Bon Voyage sugar crashes and awful headaches, you are not welcome this year!

I am full swing ahead on my fitness & nutrition journey and doing it alongside a team of awesome encouragers and friends through Beachbody.  I’d love to share more with you and help you kick those sugar crashes and sloppy days too!

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