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24 Weeks, and a Few Days…


It’s Fall Y’all!  This is my favorite season, hands-down.  Lil’ Man and I went to the grocery store this morning and it’s safe to say, I was a victim to all of their Fall advertising.

We walked out with pumpkin themed Little Debbie cakes, caramel apples on sticks, and “discounted” decor for our kitchen table.  If it was not nearing nap time you can bet we would have spent some time outside the store sorting through their mum & pumpkin selection.  Not to worry, I see a “family date night” to Kroger in the near future.

This season change is a very vivid reminder that we are approaching the arrival of Callie!  While she is not going to be a Fall baby, we are indeed one step closer!

We are past 24 weeks now, she is the length of an ear of corn, just over 12 inches.  Her taste buds are developing this week…I wonder if she’s going to have a sweet tooth like her brother and momma or if she’ll have a bit more control like her daddy.  As long as she can appreciate a slice of pumpkin pie and cool whip…(another item I almost purchased during our morning grocery run.  Are you hungry yet?) everything will be fine.

While I don’t know about her taste preferences just yet, I do know she is going to be one active little girl.  She seems to be constantly on the move!  Her favorite spot to kick is my bladder.  I think this must be some “second child syndrome” coming out, already making it a priority to make her presence known.

Colby is at a ridiculously sweet stage these days when it comes to baby Callie.  He has learned that mommy has a baby in her belly.  There are moments throughout the day when he comes up to me on his own and points to my belly and says, “Baabyy…”  He then proceeds to kiss my stomach.  (Y’all, I can’t even handle it…)


Our little man, large and in charge on the basketball court a few days ago.

Boy is he in for a shock when she finally does arrive.  Then again, aren’t we all?

The whole “mom of two” thing has started to cause me to catch my breath a bit these days as well.  My brain is not capable of thinking about how everything will unfold…grocery trips, bed times, travel, etc.  It’s in these moments when I start to think, “Oh my word…” that I literally have to force myself to just, STOP IT.  The Lords grace is enough for today, and well…that’s enough.

The reality of our family growing has also prompted me to begin collecting clothes (thanks to Aunt Selena & Callie’s cousins!), baby items, and other nursery decor.  I cannot wait to begin to share pictures with y’all.  All in due time.

We return to the doctor Friday morning to continue to check and see that all is well.  Until then, we’ve got caramel apples to eat and some mum’s to buy.

Happy Fall Y’all!

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Five Minute Friday- SAME


Five Minute Friday- Linking up with my sisters hosted by Kate Motaung.  A time to let go of edits and specifics and let the words flow.  Each Friday a new writing prompt is given and the timer is set.  Ready…


A few nights ago I sat and talked with a couple of girlfriends and we began to discuss the issue of contentment.  You see, as we sat and shared, we each found ourselves talking about “what’s next…”

You may know the conversation.  The, “I’m happy I’m here now, but when ______ happens things will be so much better!”

It was after a few moments of unintentionally talking about the “what next…” of our lives that we realized, you know, this thing I am not completely satisfied with today, is the same thing I wasn’t completely satisfied with last year.

My discontentment appeared to be different today than yesterday, but it’s root was the same.  A search for something more, something different, something clear.

And, if we are not careful this search will continue for the rest of our lives because we are looking in the wrong direction.  We are searching for the material (finances, jobs, relationships, titles) to fill us instead of looking to Christ, who is the same yesterday, today, and in the days to come.

It’s a truth we know, but are we actively pursuing Him?  Actively asking Him to fill us and keep our eyes on the cross and not the things of this world?

Maybe you are ready for some type of change.  There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of the future and the “what next…” but let’s keep it in perspective.  If we are not content today because of who we are in Christ and who HE is, it will be the same story tomorrow, even with a new job or _______.

Lord, help us to see we were created to be with you.  There is no other place, season, or circumstance that will fill us apart from you…

No Place I’d Rather Be.


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Pregnancy 101


23 weeks.  We are past the half way mark!    These past few weeks have been quite the journey for our little family.  At our 20 week ultrasound a calcification was discovered on our sweet girls heart.  This caught the attention of our Dr. and she recommended we visit a specialist in Lexington who would be able to take a closer look as to what might be happening…YIKES!

Many of you joined us in prayer as we awaited this appointment.  This past Thursday we were able to take a closer look at Callie’s heart, and while the calcification still remains, it is being described as an “isolated incident.”  In short, a calcification alone is no cause to worry, and after a closer look they did not see anything else to be concerned over.  These past few weeks of “waiting” were difficult but rewarding all in one.  The LORD was so gracious to us and the peace we experienced during this time was a direct reflection of the prayers of so many of you precious sisters.  THANK YOU!

I think it is safe to say this Labor Day weekend was a chance for me to “catch my breath” after a couple of long weeks of waiting.  We spent the weekend in GA with Lolli & Pops.  There was resting, extra hands to keep Colby happy, and too much eating.  Which is why this “Monday Morning” (really Tuesday) began with a mandatory power walk where I preached to myself some Pregnancy 101 pointers I needed to remember to keep myself in line and finish strong…

1.  Cover your ears when someone says, “Oh, it’s okay you are eating for two.”  This is one of those phrases that truly, tickles the ears, of pregnant women everywhere.  We are hungry all the time as our bodies work overtime to provide for our little one.  While this statement is true, our food is being used for two people, I find as a pregnant woman I tend to stretch the truth of this message.   An extra glass of water?  Yes!  Two packages of Zebra Cakes, unfortunately, no.  If you are like me, this sweet phrase is too much temptation…so do the best you can to flee from it.

2.  Move it, move it, move it.  Your body is changing and growing at a rapid pace during pregnancy.  All of these quick changes do a number to your energy level and desire for movement.  I admit, I love a good work out, but these pregnant days make it a struggle sometimes to even get in a good walk.  I speak from experience when I say, the less you move, the worse you will feel during this special season (both physically and emotionally.)  Now is not the time to set big lofty fitness goals, but keep your body moving…the marathon of child birth is quickly approaching and you will want to be ready!


Here’s a post walk selfie for your viewing pleasure.

3.  Three days is too long to wait in between washing and drying your hair.  These pregnant days make me desire an oversized t-shirt and a dirty pony tail over a cute top and clean hair.  But do you know what happens, if I give into my “bleh” look, my day is full of a lot of “bleh” moments.  A little shower and mascara goes a long long way when needing to conquer a day.  Even if that day is spent with play dough, pb & j, and one too many episodes of Daniel Tiger.

4.  Enjoy the attention and all the comments, it won’t be like this forever.  I had forgotten how much attention a pregnant belly brings.  From pats, to comments on size, to grins in the grocery store, people notice.  Don’t read into the stares or comments, but use them as opportunities to remember you are indeed pregnant, and it is a big deal!

5.  Say, “NO” to big decisions.  Now is certainly not the time to be making any life changing decisions.  Have you heard of “pregnancy brain”?  It is very real.  Stick with the basics, what will you cook for dinner tonight?  Would you like to watch Friends while you fold laundry?  Bigger things like, what is your 5 year plan for your family, are better left to discuss after baby arrives…and maybe even a few months more…

6.  Put your feet up before your husband or kids have to tell you to put your feet up…You’re pregnant.  Some days are just more difficult than others for no good reason.  So when those days come, sit down and be okay with sitting down.  A word from one who forgets too many times, your husband prefers a happy rested wife instead of one who has burnt a meal in the kitchen and can’t stop crying because the day was just hard, no explanation needed.

This is as far as I got on my list making during my walk this morning. Who knows what tomorrow mornings stroll may bring…

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Bridge to Haven


It’s September 1st!  With a change of the month, I am choosing to say “summer is over.”  Although temperatures may choose to say otherwise, summer has come to a finish.  I am proud to say I finished the last few weeks of August with a great summer read!

I already confessed to have missed June & July for my “one book a month in 2015” resolution.  But, August was the month of change as I flipped page after page of A Bridge to Haven, by Francine Rivers.

I often avoid reading the back of a book because I don’t want too much to be revealed to me before digging into a good story.  I want to enjoy, and be surprised by each twist and turn along the way.  And let me tell you, Bridge to Haven was FULL of twists and turns.

The book follows the life of a young girl named Abra.  It is a story of struggle, heartache, love, and redemption.

I spent many evenings engaged in Abra’s journey, not wanting to put it down.  (This worked out in my husbands favor as he was able to dominate the t.v. remote and I did not complain one time.  THIS is a big deal.)

It had been quite a while since I had read a book where I looked forward to the quiet moments in the day where I might be able to sneak in a page or two.  Francine Rivers does an amazing job at very clearly painting a picture of each and every scene, thought, and feeling in her writing.

If you are looking for a read that will make you catch your breath, cry, and cheer all in one, this is for you.

So what if it’s no longer summer, a good book is a good book!  And, I’m sure your husband would not complain about some time with the remote.

Note:  There were moments in the book that were a bit graphic.  Due to some of the struggles Abra faces as she learns some of life more difficult lessons, I would recommend this book to the more mature reader.


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22 Weeks


Is it really Sunday night again?  While some of our days may pass slowly, the weeks and months seem to be flying!  22 weeks and counting carrying this precious baby girl.

Last night the hubs and I were spoiled with a night on the town (thank you Mimi, Poppi, & Aunt Dali).  A night out also meant mandatory baby bump picture.  We went out for dinner & a movie.  We saw War Room, oh my word!  I feel like the movie deserves it’s own blog post entirely (we’ll see if I can make that happen this week.)  But, in case I am slow to getting time to write about it, YOU MUST GO SEE IT.  I digress…

This week our sweet girl is close to weighing 1 pound.  She is also able to hear sounds outside of the womb.  The fact that her little ears are able to hear now has definitely caught my attention.  I want the noises she hears throughout our days to be noises of love, tenderness, laughter, joy.

Can I be honest?

I have been a bit, irritable and short fused recently.  I had a girlfriend tell me it was because I was carrying a baby girl so I am on a hormone overload.  As much as I would like to believe this, and justify my actions, I am aware that even if this were to be true it is no excuse for a sinful attitude.  And now…

To think not only are those around me having to put up with my snappiness, but our daughter is hearing it too…ouch.  One of 10,000 reasons to guard my words as out of the overflow of my heart, my mouth speaks.

Knowing our sweet girl is able to hear leads me to share some exciting news.  This girl needs a name if she is going to hear our voices.  Can I present to you…

Callie Lynae Salter

(Just typing this sweet name made me catch my breath.)

Callie, which means beautiful, is the name of my Mamaw Peggy’s grandmother.  This would be our Callie girls, great, great, great, great grandmother.

Lynae, was my middle name, before I decided to keep my maiden name as my middle name.  We love how it combines both of her grandmothers as the name my mom chose for me & the “Lyn…” that comes from my mother-in-loves middle name.

I can already see all the precious monogrammed blankets, dresses, bags, etc. in store for our Callie.


She has a name, she hears our voices, and she’s already 1 pound!  It’s only a matter of time now.

Lord keep knitting together our beautiful Callie Lynae.  You have already numbered her days.  You know the hairs on her head and the plans you have for her.  We trust you completely and can’t wait to meet this special gift.


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