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Five Minute Friday- Linking up with my sisters hosted by Kate Motaung.  A time to let go of edits and specifics and let the words flow.  Each Friday a new writing prompt is given and the timer is set.  Ready…


Obedience.  This is a concept I am working hard to instill in my little one.  It’s hard work and takes a whole lot of consistency.  As I watch him grow and take this journey of obedience with him, I am learning so much.

“Colby, come here, sit down with mom and let me put your shoes on…”

“Colby, pick up your bowl of cheerios and bring them here, they do not belong on the floor…”

“Colby, sit here, we do not stand on the couch and climb around like a crazy monkey…”

The direction starts as soon as our eyes open in the morning and it does not stop until our heads hit the pillow at night (and sometimes even later…)

But do you want to know something cool?

I am starting to see him get it.

I see a little boy who truly wants to be obedient.  He wants to do the right thing.  Just sometimes distractions or hiccups happen.  They just do.

I can literally see the wheels in his mind turn as I ask him to help me pick up his shoes, or close the door for mommy, etc.  And in the moments he hears, and responds with obedience, I cheer.  Literally cheer.

He gets it!

I do not love him more when he obeys, or less when he disobeys.  I will always be crazy about my boy.  But instead, I celebrate with him.  I celebrate that today, in the little moments, he is choosing to obey.

I wonder if this is but a small picture of the way God looks at me when I obey?

“Chelsea, go over here and talk to this person for me…”

“Chelsea, move here with your family, I’ve got some plans for you…”

“Chelsea, log off the internet for a minute and come here, we need to talk…”

Simple, day to day obedience, right here and now.


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To Nashville, and Beyond


Colby here!  We are working on a new record in our family.  For the first time in a very long time, we have all been together more than 3 days in a row.  Summer is over and dad has had some time off and well…mom and I are loving having him.  It’s not like we didn’t get to see him over the summer, but spending some “down time” together these past few days has been great!  We were able to throw a quick little road trip into said “down time”,

Early Monday morning we loaded up the car and went to Nashville for Send 2015.  It was a conference put on by the SBC.  We were able to stay in an awesome hotel! (Check out my view in the picture above.  This picture makes my moms stomach flip each time she sees it.)

Lolli & Pops came to Nashville too!  I was able to spend the days with Lolli…


She’s pretty great.

While Lolli and I explored Nashville, Dad & Mom went to several sessions, concerts, and other things.  Okay, honestly I don’t really know what all they did.  But they were happy!


Tuesday afternoon my lunch date was interrupted with Lolli, when my Dad and Mom happened to be in the same restaurant we had chosen to go to for lunch!  They were catching up with their friends Matt & Kortnea who they had not seen since before I was born!  That’s a long time people.


Matt & Kortnea do not live in America anymore, so my parents enjoyed talking everything international with them.  They seemed pretty excited when they were talking to them too.  Maybe one day we can go visit them at their house around the world.  Or maybe Dad & Mom can go and I can get some more time with my grandparents…

On the car ride home my mom and dad talked a lot…

Mom kept talking about some ladies named Angie Smith & Jennie Allen and the IF: Gathering.  She was able to listen to them during a breakout session.  I think that was probably one of her favorite things.


They also talked a lot about church, teaching me about Jesus, presidents, and many other things.  I confess, I fell asleep and missed a lot of it on the drive home.  But, I think it’s safe to say they loved Send 2015!

We’ve now been home together for a little over a day and all of a sudden mom needed to go to the grocery store…alone.  What’s up with that?  It was all good though, it gave me and dad some guy time.  We need that you know.  Especially with a baby sister on the way.

Today is the last full day of dad having some time at home so naps, t.v., and chicken-pot-pie are on the agenda for the rest of the day.  It’s been a good break from the norm…a good good break.

Over & Out


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18 Weeks



Our sweet baby girl is 18 weeks.  She is just over 5 1/2 inches!  Her legs are growing this week.  Here is a prayer excerpt from the book, Expecting:

God, I want my child’s legs to be physically fit and strong.  But more important, I want her to use her legs to follow you.  I want her to physical walk with you all of her days–in her actions, the places she goes, the things she does.  But also spiritually–making choices that honor you, seeking to please you.


This is my prayer for baby girl.

Our God is the neatest!  Before I even read this devotion tonight, I was already thinking/planning to write about the direction I pray our little girls life will take.

This morning, we hugged the necks of the college staff we have had the joy to serve alongside this summer.  Over the last few months I had the opportunity to get to know several incredible girls chasing hard after the Lord.  I was able to hear their stories, listen to their hearts, and watch the Lord use them in awesome ways.

As I thought about each of these girls this afternoon, and the “next step” in their journey, I could not help but think of our daughter.  I hope and pray she has the opportunity to experience some of what I have seen the summer staff girls experience:

I pray she finds solid girlfriends in life, the type of girlfriends that will challenge her to go deep in her faith.

I pray she knows what it is to serve willingly and be filled with a strength that only comes from the Lord.

I pray that she is beautiful, messy pony tail and no makeup, because it’s the light of Christ within her that will make her shine.

I pray she learns what it is to laugh, love deep, and be in the moment!

Summer Staff Girls, thank you for an awesome summer!  Thank you for moments of laughter and loving on my family.  Thank you for pointing others towards Christ and seeking to put Him first in all you do.  The Lord is going to do big things in each one of you!  I am so thankful our paths were able to cross in this special season and I look forward to seeing where each of you go from here…

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17 Weeks and…


Yesterday was a BIG day.  A day I had been anticipating since we found out we were pregnant.  It was our day to have an ultrasound and discover the gender of our sweet little gift.  A day of great surprises!  Here’s how it all went down…

Trey was able to step away from camp for a bit, and my parents and sister came up to hang out with Colby, so we could travel to the doctor together.

As we sat in the waiting room Saturday morning we decided we would have the nurse write down the gender of our baby and place it in an envelope for us.  We wanted to find out, just the two of us.  The ultrasound went well and we loved watching our little one move all about!


There were several points during the ultrasound where the gender was quite noticeable.  The nurse said over and over…”Uh oh, you all better look away or you are going to see it…”  At one point she even said, “Wow, this little guy sure is active…”

Hint, hint…

As we got in the elevator to leave our appointment I looked at Trey and asked him if he thought he knew.  He confidently replied yes.  He then asked me if I thought I knew.  I too said with great assurance, yes.

We then walked to the car in silence, excited silence, but neither one wanting to say too much.

The moment we were both in the car I cracked.  I couldn’t take it anymore so I asked Trey to open the envelope right then and there so we could know.

He agreed and broke the seal of the envelope, I struggled to catch my breath, and a few seconds later he yelled…


WHAT?!?!  Was he trying to pull something over on me?  A girl?!?!?!

I so wish I would have captured a video of him opening the envelope, his face was one of complete surprise…followed by lots of cheers from the two of us!

We could not believe our eyes!  I had convinced myself we were having a boy.  All the “signs” I knew to look for pointed to boy.  But boy (or should I say girl) was I wrong.

We then did what anyone should do when finding out the gender of your baby, we went to Kroger to buy hot pink cupcakes to surprise our family!

As we walked through the grocery, I watched Trey carry a package of pink cupcakes and a sweet little balloon announcing, “It’s a girl…” and my heart turned to mush.

My manly man of a husband is about to have his world rocked by a precious baby girl.

Our rough and tumbling son is going to learn to protect and care for a little sister (and probably teach her a few things or two about trucks and bugs.)

I am going to have someone to watch Disney princess movies with, hair to fix in pig tails, and someone to dress in all things sparkly!

A little girl…

The rest of the afternoon consisted of phone calls to family, cup cake eating, and celebratory dinners.




And in honor of our news, I did what all moms of little girls do…painted my toenails pink and wore a pink dress to church this morning!


My sweet sweet little girl!  You have already captured our hearts.  We praise God for choosing you to be a part of our family.  My mind races with thoughts of what you will be like.  Your appearance, your likes/dislikes, your laugh…I cannot wait to experience all the Lord is creating you to be!  We are still dreaming of your name and we have so much to do to get ready for you.  Know today, my precious daughter, Dad & Mom & Big Brother love you so much!  Keep growing and rest up…this life is full of adventures!

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Five Minute Friday- TEN


Five Minute Friday- Linking up with my sisters hosted by Kate Motaung.  A time to let go of edits and specifics and let the words flow.  Each Friday a new writing prompt is given and the timer is set.  Ready…


In ten days, our summer 2015 with Crossings will be finished.


In ten days we will share in goodbyes and a whole lot of hugs to what has been an incredible summer college staff to serve alongside.

In ten days the property we have come to call home will be eerily quiet as the hundreds of students who attended camp this summer will be back to their “everyday lives.”

In ten days there will be no more afternoon golf cart rides with our sweet toddler and my stud of a husband as we watch students participate in crazy camp activities and see staffers serve above and beyond.

In ten days I will not step out on my back deck on any given evening and enjoy the hum of music coming up the hill side as students gather in evening worship and the gospel is proclaimed night after night.

In ten days, we will no longer track our days of the week by what is being served for dinner in the dining hall but instead return to just plain ‘ol Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

It is bitter sweet as we move towards the end of an incredible summer.  I plan to cling to these next ten days and thank God for His faithfulness this summer as we anticipate all He has in store for the next ten, ten-hundred, or ten-thousand days!


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