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Summer is quickly coming to a close.  How is your summer reading list coming?  Have you flown through it week by week, or are you seeing August approaching as you stare at a stack of unread pages?

I have to say…the struggle has been real for me.

You may remember one of my goals for 2015 was to read one book a month.  Simple, right?

At risk of making this a blog of excuses, let me just confess.  I have failed to complete a book for June or July.  This “failure” or lack of completion of a book has not been a result of a lack of trying.  Instead I point the finger towards a little thing called pregnancy.

I have been super blessed to have had an easy pregnancy (so far.)  While my head may not have been in a toilet all summer long, it has struggled to stay off of a pillow.  Exhaustion and pregnancy brain have won.

Nap time for that energetic boy of mine arrives each afternoon, I pick up my current read, and after a few paragraphs…not pages…my eyes are closed before I even know what has happened!

Over the past few weeks the exhaustion has faded slowly and my desire to crack open the books, and keep them open has remained.  While I will have to say a slight “ooops” to June and July for my reading goals…August is just around the corner!

Here is what I have read so far:

1. The Nesting Place- Myquillyn Smith

2.  Atlas Girl- Emily Wierenga

3.  The Fringe Hours- Jessica N. Turner

4.  Nobody’s Cuter Than You- Melanie Shankle

5.  Free Christian Fiction on Amazon- I can’t remember…

So, here’s where I eat my piece of humble pie.  If you are a reader…this list may look like a whole lot of nothing.  (Grace please?)

This list will grow!

Can I hear from the reader in you?  What was on your summer list?  Or what is on your 2015 list?  Do you have any must read fiction, non-fiction, memoir, self-help, etc…to recommend?

You name it, I’m interested.  (Okay, I lied, I struggle to get into suspense/mystery or fantasy.)  I’m ready to open some pages and get passed more than a paragraph or two…

Who is with me?!  August is a comin’…!

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All Smiles- 16 Weeks


Another week in the books.  Baby and belly are growing rapidly.  This week little ones muscles in his/her face are developing.  I wish I could see our little one!  Smirks, frowns, grins…all the good stuff.

Not only is our little one learning to smile this week, but our big boy Colby has done his fair share of smiling this weekend.  Our very special friends from Haiti are in the states right now for furlough and Colby was reunited with his first friend ever!


This sweet little red head came into our lives when Colby was around 6 months.  She joined us daily for bath times, meal times, play times, you name it we could count on her.  After several months apart, they connected as though we had been together last week.


I love our sweet little boy and the joy he gets from being around others.  I cannot wait to see all the relationships the Lord blesses him with in the years to come.

Not only were we all smiles from seeing dear friends, but we were also all smiles from a quick visit from Lolli & Pops!


Momma had extra hands to get to hang out in the evening with our Haiti friends, while Colby had extra loving from some of his favorite people.  I would definitely call this a win.

In the midst of tiring and busy days the Lord is so good to us.  And for that I am thankful.

We are going to bed tonight with smiles on our face, and I have to think our sweet baby to be is smiling as well.


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It’s Really Happening- 15 Weeks


15 weeks and counting.  Today, our little one is 4 inches from top to bottom!  He/she is able to sense light.  How cool is that?  Babies lungs are developing and his/hers eyebrows are forming.  Our great God pays so much attention to detail, all the way to creating eyebrows at 15 weeks!  This baby making business is nothing short of a miracle.

An exhausting miracle, but a miracle nevertheless.

When I think about this journey we are on as parents, you know the one where we will have a second child just days after (or maybe even before) our first child celebrates his 2nd birthday, I am filled with emotions.

Most days these emotions consist of excitement and anticipation.  You know, the glass half full type of days.  But can I be honest?

I have recently found myself in a series of, “How in the world are we going to do this?” days.

This thought has shoved its way into my mind in a variety of situations this past week.  It popped up on restless nights soothing Colby back to sleep at 3 a.m. because he just decided it was time to be awake.

It surfaced as I drove away from grandparents with a screaming baby…what am I going to do when I have to drive two screaming babies?!

It came to mind as I wrangled a toddler and groceries into the car on a way too ridiculously hot summer day, praying for a third arm to pop out to help me finish the juggling act.

As these thoughts have fought hard to surface this week, I have fought hard to keep them at bay.  I couldn’t help but smile to myself a few days ago right after I dug myself out of one of those, “How am I going to do this moments…”

I was instantly reminded of a very hot, very tiring, very emotional day in Haiti when I was deep in the throws of pregnancy with Colby.

I was way past the “Isn’t she cute,” pregnant days and living in the “Oh wow, how much longer will she be able to walk?” pregnant days.

I remember the scene like it was yesterday:

I was sitting in a very crowded Haitian church for the funeral service of a friend of ours. The service was stretching into the second hour and showed no signs of coming to a close.  The longer I sat the warmer I became.  My water bottle was empty, my “snack bag” devoured, and the sweat grew thicker and thicker across my face.  I needed to get out of the church…and quick!

I quietly leaned over to Trey and told him I needed to step outside.  I let him know I was fine, but it was time for me to go.  I tried my best to stand up and “sneak out.”

Not only was I one of two white women in the church, I was the only one who appeared to be hiding a baby elephant under her dress, so sneaking wasn’t an option.  As I shimmied out of the pew, I am ashamed to saw my rear end made contact with everyone in the pew, while my stomach rubbed the back of every head of the pew in front of me, I’m talking a minimum of 12 people. (I really wish I could say that was an exaggeration.)

I thought I would never make it out of that packed church!

I was relieved when I finally reached the courtyard of the church and quickly sought a shady spot to rest while I waited what was at least another hour for the service to end.

As I sat on the concrete outside the church in Haiti, my mind raced…how in the world did I think I was ready to have a baby?!  It was all too much.

When the service finished and Trey and I were on our way home I was to the point of tears.  I shared with him that I just didn’t think I could do it.  I wasn’t ready to be a mom.  It all felt like too much.  What were we thinking?!

Without pausing for even a moment Trey responded…

“I don’t know what you are talking about, you’re already doing it.”

Truth.  Bold and matter of fact, truth.  I was doing it.

No, Colby was not in my arms to be held, but I was holding him in my belly.  I was already a momma.  Already having hard days and good days.  Already doing it.  It was not the time to panic, but the time to keep going.  It was happening.

Y’all, I have thought about this conversation so many times this past week!

I am already a momma of two precious babies.  I’m already doing restless nights.  I’m already in the throws of providing order to a chaotic toddler.  I’m already driving around two babies.

Now is not the time to question how it’s going to be doing, but to keep doing it.

A sweet girlfriend of mine has chosen the phrase, “Grace for Today,” for 2015.  In this wild journey of pregnancy and toddlerhood I am constantly repeating this phrase.  The Lords grace in the moment for my day by day is all He promises, and all I need.


Are you in a similar place?  Have you asked yourself, “How in the world am I going to __________?” (you fill in the blank) within the past 24 hours?

Maybe you need to hear what I did on that sweaty day after a very long Haitian funeral service, or what I am in need of remembering day in and day out on this journey of motherhood:

You are doing it!  His grace has been sufficient for you today, praise Him!  Keep doing it…


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Five Minute Friday- HOPE


Five Minute Friday- Linking up with my sisters hosted by Kate Motaung.  A time to let go of edits and specifics and let the words flow.  Each Friday a new writing prompt is given and the timer is set.  Ready…


Have you ever had one of those whirl wind days?  The days where everything seems to happen and it seems to happen quickly.  This summer has been full of these “whirl wind days.”  This week alone consisted of 3 of them…

In the midst of a busy summer schedule for everyone, a spur of the moment “reunion” took place with my siblings and I!  When I learned that our paths could cross for a little more than 24 hours, you better believe Colby and I loaded up, hugged daddy goodbye for a few nights, and hit the road to Corbin.

Where this happened:

Lots of sunshine and fun at the pool.

Way too many late night snacks.


All hands on board for taking care of the littles.



Conversation around the lunch table (with a special spot set aside for Trey!)


We’ve reached the end of this whirl wind visit today and Colby and I are getting ready to hit the road.  My hope is that little man would nap the whole drive home.

Hey, it could happen.


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All About that Bump…


How far along am I on this pregnancy journey?  Thanks for asking.  I am 14 weeks today!  Sunday is the day I use to keep track of my weekly progress for little one.  On Sunday afternoons I open up the book “Expecting” and read about babies development, mommies development, and take some time to pray/journal about this miracle of a journey.


I worked through the book while pregnant with Colby and I am loving going through it again.  I highly recommend it for first time moms or 5th time moms.  Some of my prayers and responses to the questions found in each week are similar with this little one and others are drastically different.  The thrill of pregnancy is high as we walk through it a second time.

I realize I have not blogged much about baby #2.  Mainly because I have just finished the first trimester where I have struggled to have any form of a complete thought (a.k.a. pregnancy brain).  And, any “free time” to write is primarily controlled by the little munchkin of a toddler roaming around our house day in and day out.  BUT…

I do not want to miss this journey, so Sundays are my mandatory “document” days.  The days I make sure to journal about baby, pregnancy, worries, excitement…and of course to document the bump (see ginormous picture of me above.)

I am thrilled to be carrying this precious life inside of me.

I struggle to wrap my mind around what a family of 4 is going to be like.  I have no doubt about it, Colby is going to love being a big brother.  Our neighbors have recently welcomed baby #3 into their home and I cannot help but want to squeal anytime I see Colby around their little gift:


He whispers, “baby.”  He then wants to squeeze her feet or touch her eyes (yes, we are going to need to work on the gentle concept.)

It is drastically different visiting the doctor in America vs. Haiti.  We had amazing care in Haiti.  But, I will admit I have not missed the sound of roosters outside the window in the midst of ultrasounds and check ups.

My body feels like it is changing much quicker this time around.  It definitely knows what it is doing (what an awesome Creator we have!)

I’m trying super hard to make “wise food choices.”  This momma needs protein, protein, protein.  But, it seems the only thing I want is powdered donuts, powdered donuts, powdered donuts.

So, here’s to my first official “Sunday Blog Documenting of Baby #2”.  What a catchy title.  See you again next week to talk all about that bump.

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