More to the Story Monday

It’s November.

In less than 2 months I will have been on my “new and improved” fitness journey for an entire year!

Over the course of 1 year I have lost 12 pounds.  I have gained muscle.  I fit back into old clothes and have even bought new ones!

I have gained confidence and energy like never before.  I have seen first hand my body is capable of a lot more than I ever thought possible.

In the midst of ALL THESE WINS and more, I still struggle.

There are days I want the piece of chocolate more than the fruit.  There are days I feel sad, frustrated. or even just “bleh” and turn to food for comfort that I know is not going to help.

But over the course of a year I am learning the value of moderation.  Never say never, but how about not now.

I am learning that my identity is NOT found in a number on a scale or how “flat” or not so flat my stomach appears in the mirror as I do the 1,000th burpee.

The Lord has used the daily discipline or fitness and nutrition to chip away at strongholds in my life.  He is using this pattern to show me that through focus and complete dependence on HIM the battle is already won.

No matter what a day has held his mercies are new every morning.  He is a God of second chances and ready to welcome me back.

He delights in my victories and loves me just the same in my failures.

You see…I may post A LOT about workouts and nutrition but there is MORE to the story.


Behind every good sweaty selfie or “clean meal” picture of my plate is wife and momma walking in the grace of our savior and learning SO.MUCH. about THE incredible Creator and how HE uses HIS creation to bring Him GLORY.



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Five Minute Friday: SILENCE

Every Friday I team up with my friends over at Five Minute Friday for a writing prompt.  Five minutes!  No editing.  No overthinking.  Just letting the words flow.  Todays word…


This is not one of my favorite words.

Before having children silence meant loneliness.  As a result of a few moves in a few years, silence was a reminder that things were just a bit “off”, and would take time to feel normal.

Although the seasons have changed, silence is still something that doesn’t feel quite right to me.

More often than not silence is what comes before the screams in another room letting me know another conflict is occurring between two little people that call me momma.

Silence is something we are working through with our daughter as we encourage her to form words.  Nothing makes my heart leap more than hearing her form a new word and break the silence yet again.  I realize there will come a day when I will crave silence and a break from her stories, but today I cannot wait!!

Silence, it’s what I welcome in the evening hours and I hold my breath that it will not be interrupted by a sick child or a bad dream…but it’s quickly interrupted by falling asleep on the couch.

Silence, we don’t see much of you these days, and well…I’m quite alright with that.

Here’s a few examples of my not so silent days from this week alone:


Life with a 3 yr. old ninja.


Dance parties in new boots!


Weeknight bowling in the living room, toilet paper and all!


Roller coaster rides through Target!

Goodbye silence!


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Snuggled Up With a Good Book!

A cozy blanket, a pumpkin spice candle, and a piece (or two…) of dark chocolate all while snuggled up with a good book.  THIS is my recipe for an afternoon well spent.  Although lets be honest, if I actually want to read more than a chapter in said book the blanket has to go and I have to be sitting upright or I fall asleep…mom problems.

Or in my most recent case…the time change occurs and my son wakes up at what is now 5 a.m. and I am wide awake myself as both hubby and sister sleep.  So, the son watches PJ Masks (for the 1,000th time) and I FINISH a book before 6:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

Now, this might not be the most “picturesque” way to say I enjoy reading a good book.  But it is my reality and honestly a good book made this early morning worth. it.  Shhh don’t tell Colby, I don’t want him making 5 a.m. wake ups a regular thing!

I spent the last few weeks slowly working through “The Church of the Small Things” by Melanie Shankle.  (Again, reading just causes the sleepies for me and that is no reflection on the quality of this book!  It’s totally me, NOT Melanie!)



If you have yet to pick up a book by Melanie Shankle I can only ask “What are you waiting for?!”

You will laugh.  You will cry (Yes, even at 5:30 on a Sunday morning, and not just because you are awake entirely too early.) And you will be challenged.  Her books have become a welcomed escape for me.  A chat with a girlfriend that I know will leave me uplifted while still stepping on a toe or two along the way.

Melanie, if by the EXTREMELY RARE case you ever read this.  I really do think we could be friends in real life.

Her most recent release, “Church of the Small Things” was all about times in her life where the Lord helped her see that really the “big moments” in life are made up of all of our day to day.  How do we embrace that truth?  How do you see the growth that happens daily and not miss it looking for something bigger?

This book has reminded me how much I really do LOVE a good read.  It’s my birthday month and Christmas is around the corner so I’m working on the “wish list” and I have quite a few books on the list already.

What are some of your “most reads” I should be sure to add?!

–I have just started “Unseen:  The Gift of Being Hidden in a World That Loves to be Noticed”

I cannot seem to put it down, I think I have highlighted the entire first two chapters!!

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I called my hubby around 10 a.m. on Monday morning.  I was in the car driving two kiddos to the grocery for a “Start the Week off Right Rendezvous.”

I called because I had a question for him about our check book (which I still haven’t resolved three days later, but who is counting?)  After asking him my question he then asks, “So, how has the morning been?”

To which I respond with a list of beautiful words describing our angelic children and the ease of the start of a new day and how thankful I am for this season of our lives and I proceed to tell him the wonderful meal I have planned for the night…

Are you believing any of this?  Me either.

No, instead my response was something like…

“It’s been crazy.  They’ve both had spankings.  I didn’t have time to clean up the kitchen from breakfast.  The noise level of YOUR children is out of this world.  Wait, I think I might have forgotten one at home…”

You get the picture.

But here’s the deal.  Even as I made my laundry list of complaints I began to feel convicted.  A majority of the things I was listing were all things that simply irritated me.  None of them were sinful (okay maybe a few were) or unheard of.  They were simply hiccups along my morning that are to be expected when raising children.  The problem wasn’t my kids, it was me.


You see, there is nothing glamorous about the daily life of a stay at home mom.  The amount of JESUS I need hour by hour to keep from being short tempered or self-centered is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  But instead of walking around listing all the hard things about motherhood, how about focus on the good?

Like this…


This pile of shoes by the door DRIVES.ME.CRAZY.  It’s not clean.  It’s an eye soar.  And it’s always there.

But, it is a sign that my people live here.  The little lives (and the big one!) the Lord has blessed me to love with all my being are HOME and comfortable when the things around me are well…a hot mess.

And I am learning to not want it any other way.

Confession…I may or may not have straightened these shoes up nice and neat for the picture of HOME.  Here’s the unfiltered version:




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Fall Party

Last Sunday I was wrangling, I mean calmly…putting my kids in the car to leave for church when my son said, “Wait mom wait!”

What is it?  We are going to be late you need to hurry and sit in your seat.

“Look up mom, it’s your favorite, it’s fall!”

Sweet boy. I was rushing and hustling but he was taking it all in.  The crisp morning air.  The blue blue sky.  The leaves blowing around in the wind.  It’s here and we are loving it.  So you can imagine when our pre-school had their Fall party yesterday we were all about it!

We had a great time celebrating a fun season with our new friends in this season.

There were crafts…

And tasty treats for all!


Not to mention fun games too.


Little sister was convinced she was a pre-schooler as well and participated with the best of them.  Although she managed to keep finding her way back to the snack table as well.  Girl knows how to do it right!

And the kids were good sports as mom took 1,001 and one pictures in all of their pumpkin orange.


What a great way to officially welcome in the holiday season!

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